Irregular Choice Sanrio Hello Kitty Launch Guide

Irregular Choice Hello Kitty Character Heel

Irregular Choice Hello Kitty and Friends is finally here. The Sanrio collection is huge with what I think will be something for everyone with such a wide range of characters and styles.

There are a few items that are exclusive to Irregular Choice but I have images, sizing and details of every item except one pair of trainers (No Get-Up-And-Go).


12 noon (GMT) on Friday 13th August 2021.


At Irregular Choice of course as well as the Manchester, Brighton and Carnaby Street stores.

Other confirmed stockists are:

Daisy Mae Boutique

Eclectic (eBay)

Eclectic (Amazon)

Lotties Attic

Lovely Boutique

Purple Flamingo Vintage


Shoe Emporium Mansfield

You can find my Irregular Choice full UK stockist list here.

Star Of The Show

Let’s kick things off with the new character heels, Star Of The Show. She comes in three colour options, black, blue and a two way sequin that’s iridescent and holo silver. Each heel features Hello Kitty holding a pretty heart but each is a different combination of colours. I love the contrasting bow detail on the heel and on the front we have both My Melody in a little heart and a fabric Kitty (I think the shoe would be better without her but it’s a small irk.

All three colours are pretty but the sequin stand out to me, they’re so shiny and very easy to dress up. The black are a close second (they match one of the scarves) but if I had the money I’d be buying all three.

  • Price – £179
  • Sizing – 36 to 45. I found both the blue and black a little tight in my usual size. I think they would stretch but if you’re at the top end of a size you may want to size up. The sequin were more roomy and very true to size for me.
  • Heel Height – 11.5cm with a 1.5cm platform

Everyone Loves You

These shoes!!! First off, can we have a holler for cleated soles? They’re seriously the comfiest way to be tall. I’m the clumsiest person ever but I’m so stable in this style of shoe (and towering over the husband is always a plus). My Melody is adorable on this purple and pink combo. She’s all plush and squishy and have you seen the pompon tails? My Melody is slightly different on each shoe too with a change in her expression. This is my favourite of the collection.

  • Price – £199
  • Sizing – I found my usualy size too roomy whilst sizing down to a 39 was perfect. I found them very similar in size to other cleated heels.
  • Heel Height – 11.4cm with a 3.5cm platform.

My Melody Pouch

The pouch to complement Everyone Loves you is just as pretty. Again, with have the plush My Melody on the front in a purple, green and pink colour scheme whilst in the back we have a pastel play scene.

  • Price – £75
  • Size – Approx 24.5 x 21 x 1cm

Kindhearted Soul

An exclusive to Irregular Choice and their stores, these shoes me be shorter than the others but they pack a punch. A Ban Joe based shoe that just screams Hello Kitty to me in her signature red, blue and yellow boldness. Her cute fluffy little faces have 3D whiskers and the little red bow on the side!! I honestly screamed when I saw these.

  • Price – £135
  • Sizing – 36 to 45 (exclusive extended sizes). I found them slightly roomier than a Ban Joe and needed to size down.
  • Heel Height – 7.2cm

Smiling Down At You

These are my second favourite shoe in the collection (after Everyone Loves You). The colour combinations with the rainbow and castle is seriously stunning with the shiny shades of purple, pink and blue. The perfect shoe for Lala and Kiki, with that pretty lucite heel.

I needed to size down in these but even then I found wide opening of the shoe was just too big for my stupid flat thin feet and sadly these are just not meant to be. Even just walking in them for photos I had trouble keeping them on my feet. They are such stunning shoes though, I can’t wait to see everyone’s photos of these.

  • Price – £159
  • Heel Height – 9.6cm
  • Sizing – 36 – 45 (Exclusive extended sizes). I needed to size down but still not good for narrrow feet

Kiki & Lala Bag

This design of top handle almost barrel style bag always sells out in every collection. I don’t expect the Sanrio collection to be any different as this bag is just as pretty as the matching Smiling Down At You shoes. It’s got ombre rainbow faux fur, stars glitter, a gel star with glitter… Then there’s Kiki and Lala too looking so angelic. Even the back has a serious overload of cuteness. It does of course also come with a shoulder strap that can be added to turn the bag into a crossbody.

  • Price – £149
  • Size – Approx 26 x 21 x 12.5cm

Memories & Smiles

Afloat shoe alternative to Smiling Down At You, Memories & Smiles follies the same pastel rainbow dream colour scheme and would also go perfect with the Kiki and Lala bag. The t-bar style makes them so cute that they’d be so easy to style up or down. I forgot to take photos of these yesterday sorry so the images below are the stock photos.

  • Price – £169
  • Sizing – 36 – 41. I found them true to size.
  • Heel Height – 4cm Platform

Star Of Compassion Purse

The matching purse for the Twin Stars mini collection finishes off the rainbow look perfectly. It has the same glitter star as the front of the Kiki and Lala bag along with both characters on the front whilst the back is shiny and fabulous.

  • Price – £39.99
  • Size – Approx 15 x 15 x 1cm

Playing Dress Up

Some boots are made for walking but others are just made for playing. Like wardrobe boots for example. Do you have some? No? We’ll check these out. Hello Kitty’s very own wardrobe with clothes that can be removed and placed on our very own Hello Kitty, waiting on the other shoe to model our outfits. I feel there’s a serious need for me to make her some little IC shoes to wear. If they don’t make add ons for these they’re missing a trick.

The boots are very comfy and and worries I had about the width at the opening were completely gone when I tried them on. They are a boot you just want to move around in. The polka dot almost demon fabric gives them great wearability. I could style these with so so so many looks.

  • Price – £199
  • Sizing – 36 to 43. I had to size down in these but i size down in all boots. They are a very similar fit to Sleigh Ride.
  • Heel Height – 11.5cm with a 1.5cm platform

Hello Kitty Bag

Welcome to the doll house, Hello Kitty Style. This housr shaped bag opens up to reveal hours of magnetic fun and you move the little Hello Kitty character from room to room. The bag is designed to go perfectly with the Playing Dress Up boots and really does feel like a very big kid in an amazing shoe play room.

  • Price – £145
  • Size 24 by 13 by 15 cm

It’s Time To Have Fun

Leaving, on a jet plane. Eventually. One day. I don’t know when or where I’m going but these shoes will be coming on the plane with me. I always thought they were kinda cute but in real life, these shoes are so so so everything. I’m a little bit glad that Smiling Down At You won’t stay on my feet because it would have been hard to choose between the two sets.

The same shoe base as Fly A Kite and Daisy Dancer, they’re slightly higher than a Ban Joe so somewhere between a mid heel and a high heel.

  • Price – £135
  • Sizing – 36 to 43. I had to size down in these but they are quite narrow.
  • Heel Height – 8.7cm

It’s Time To Have Fun Crossbody

It really is. Just get me to an airport already. With this crossbody and the shoes above. the little Hello jumbo has Hello Kitty in the cockpit again, flying Lala, Kiki and My Melody off to adventures unknown. The back is a fluffy rainbow ombre that is going to be unique to each bag just the the fluffy Hilda bag placement. It does come would a shoulder strap but I think it could make a really cute clutch with a wrist strap to keep the passport in.

  • Price – £59.99
  • Sizing – Approx 27.5cm x 15.5cm x 1cm

A World Of Happiness

Trainers, ice ice baby Iced style. Drive off with Hello Kitty at the wheel. There’s so much going on with these shoes. A little see through window sees our leading leading peeping out over the front bonnet flap, the attention to detail with the wheels and little wing mirrors is incredible. They are a bit of a mind bender to get on as the laces go though the front flap (not one for when you need to leave the house in a hurry) but once they’re on they are pretty cute.

Being iced, these shoes do of course light up but are not chargeable nor can they be turned on or off. They do have a very long life though, all of my much older versions are still flashing away.

  • Price – £199
  • Sizing – 36 to 43. I found them a lot more generous than previous versions and I would need to size down in these.
Irregular Choice Hello Kitty A World Of Happiness

Will You Be My Friend?

Want to slouch around or spend the rest of your life on a beach but in HK style. No worries, we have sliders.

  • Price – £119
  • Sizing – Sizes 36 to 43. I found them a lot more generous than pervious sliders in regards to foot space. I could have got away with sizing down.

You Brighten My Day

Chunky heels!! With little Hello Kitty bubbles on either side. I done know how many times I can say pastel heaven in one day but I’m doing it again!!

Available in two different colourways. The green/pink in pictured below but there is also a purple and pink version with patterned fabric and iridescent sequins.

  • Price – £179
  • Sizing – 36 to 41. I found them true to size.

Just Be You

More boots and more play time, this time we’re playing dress up. We’re actually seeing the reflections of My Melody and the Kitty one getting ready at their sparkly purely vanity tables. Two little flaps lift up to reveal cute little surprises underneath. I love the use of the pearls and gems made to look like mirror lights.

  • Price – £199
  • Sizing – 36 – 43. I found them on the larger size and could size down in them. They’ve a very similar fit to Kitty Walk.

Say When You See Me Crossbody Bag

A similar design to Just Be You, this time the characters are reflected into a handheld mirror, with My Melody on one side and Hello Kitty on the other. It does come with a shoulder strap and is listed as a crossbody but just be aware that it’s on the ikkle side at approx 12cm across and 21cm top to bottom.

  • Price – £69.99
  • Size – Approx 22 x 13 x 3cm
Say When You See Me Crossbody Bag

You Crack Me Up

Gudetama!! Not my favourite character but he is looking pretty cute here on these high tops. The little eggs on the side open up and I love the bright yellow egg print. He’s all fluffy on the tongues too.

  • Price – £159
  • Sizing – 36 – 43. I found them true to size.

Hang In There Bag

What’s better than an egg bag (well for people who like Gudetama)? An egg bag that can be a backpack, crossbody or top handle. I love this bag style because it’s so versatile. Whilst the trainers in this mini range have a yellow print this time we have a contrasting pink to show off the gold, white and yellow detail.

  • Price – £125

The Cutest Style Bag

Looking very much like a vanity case, this top handle bag can also be used as a crossbody and goes so well with a lot of the collection. The rainbow embroider lettering is define but it’s not a bag you can just throw your junk in with that see through pocket.

  • Price – £149

Friendship Travel Bag

We seem be doing a lot of travelling in this collection and so of course we have an amazing travel bag. The hold-all style is actually to bags in one with a bright both theme park print on one side and pastel little campsite on the other.

  • Price – £179
  • Size – 41 x 31 x17cm

Hello Kitty Purse

Exclusive to Irregular Choice and their stores, this pretty little clam s purse has the same bold colours as the Friendship Travel bag and exclusive tights and socks.

  • Price – £29.99
  • Size – 17 x 12 x1cm


Three very pretty designs.  The My Melody in pretty pastels, the back Hello Kitty scarf with a pattern that matches The Star Of The Show in the same colour and a bright bold pattern that I think is an exclusive to Irregular Choice and the three stores.

  • Price – £36.99
  • Size – 110 x 175cm
Irregular Choice Hello Kitty Scarves


Tights, tights, and more tights.  We have six new pairs in this collection.

The purple heart Dress It Up tights are an exclusive to the independent stockists whilst this bright burst of colour is an exclusive to Irregular Choice.

My Melody gets the purple strawberry delight called Strawberry Melody tights and the blue and pink So Lovely tights are my personal favourite.  The Sunny Side up tights are bold bright yellow and eggtastic whilst the Spreading Happiness tights are a pastel dream, the perfect compliment to Smiling Down At You and the Kiki and Lala bag.

  • Price – £32.99
  • Size – One size fits all UK 8 to 16


There is a total of five different designs.  I don’t know the name of the name of the bright bold pair at the top sorry but I believe these are an exclusive to Irregular Choice and the three stores.  The remaining four pairs, Special Smile socks, Twin Stars Dream Socks, Hop! Hop! Socks and Lazy Egg socks, are also available from independent stockists.

  • Price – £16 tbc
Irregular Choice Hello Kitty Socks

What if it sells out

Usually most stuff that sells out can be found. The official site as well as many of the stockists allow you to sign up for email alerts when items come back in stock You can find out how to set up an alert on the official site here. Check the independents as well as the offical site and set up alerts on the official site. You can also set up an ebay alert for Hippos as quite a few of the independents sell on there too. Eclectic sell on Ebay and Amazon so check both.

Facebook groups like Irregular Choice buy, sell and worship sometimes set up a post to link buyers searching for something specific to stockists.

Best of luck x

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