Irregular News – I2 06 August 2021

A shorter issue this week, sorry. This was meant to be a two weekly type thing but as we’ve had so many reveals this week I thought I’d pull something together quickly. There’s monkeys, and sequins and twin starts, oh my. Next Friday is the Irregular Choice Hello Kitty launch so instead of a newsletter you’ll be getting a launch guide at 12 noon. If anything else exciting happens I’ll have to tell you on Saturday when I’ve finsihed doing live’s from Manchester and playing with my shoes (I seriously have so many outfits planned). Anways, here’s what’s happend in the last week and what’s coming soon.

More hello there to Hello Kitty

We’ve had a second reveal from Irregular Choice, this time with a very cute Hello Kitty in the video and we saw the box!!!  The seriously adorable Kiki & Lala bag has been revealed and it is so so so so very pretty.  I think this is going to sell fast.  The front is a pretty fluffy pastel rainbow with out Twin Stars whilst the back has a star hot air balloon flying over a fairground.   It’s on my list of must-haves.

The bag is a perfect match for the Memories & Smiles flats.  The rainbow and castle on the heel are to die for and I love all that purple glitter.   Not my style of shoe but I do think that they are very pretty.

I will of course be writing my guide to the entire collection that will go live at the same time as the launch, noon on Friday the 13th August.  Just six days away!!  I have my invite to the VIP launch at the Manchester store so hopefully I’ll be able to do some live videos without getting in people’s way.

Care Bears take over.

Erstwilder launched Care Bears part 2 and it was a pretty big collection.  Stock levels appear to have been very healthy as you can still find a lot of the pieces if you look around.  The stockist list is on my Erstwilder guide.

Erstwilder Care Bears

Loungefly News

The Funkon Summer exclusives have gone live.  The Beast was gone in a flash sadly over at Geekcore.  Funko Europe still have the Jack Skellington and Zero mini backpack pre-order available and Hello Kitty is available to pre-order at Get Ready Comics.   Dr Strange is launching at Very Neko as I type for Catwalk members.  I just checked and it’s still in stock.

We had another exclusive at Truffle Shuffle, this time the very much anticipates re-release of Mary Blair’s Alice In Wonderland. It has sold out now but there is going to be a second drop at some point so make sure you’re signed up for notifications if you missed it. Mine arrived today and it’s stunning.

Loungefly Alice In Wonderland Mary Blair

Well more and more pre-orders are arriving to the UK.  I’ve just had the Cinderella Castle and the Alice Cosplay dispatched.  I can’t wait to see if it’s going to work for me with the wristlet attached to the front.   

Plus, not to brag, but I made it onto Loungefly Europe’s  Fan Friday!!   

Loungefly Euope Instagram Stories

Off to see the wizard?

Eight3Five (US) and Hooks_UK have been teasing us for a while (that reveal felt like a billion years, it must be the longest ever) with a Wizard Of Oz Loungefly and instead they have given us two.  A scene bag with the four main characters (no Toto) off to the Emerald City and the second with a flying monkey all over print.

Eight3Five/HooksUK Wizard Of Oz Scene Loungefly

In all honesty, I must admit that I’m a little disappointed.  I’m hoping that the real life images will change my mind (hopefully before the bag goes on sale) because the colours are looking very muted in these images.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a rainbow on the back too.  I think I’ll end up trying to get the scene bag if possible, just because it’s Wizard of Oz, but I’m sure it’s going to be hard to get.  We have no release date yet but I have no doubt that both bags will sell out very fast whenever it is.

Disney World is turning 50!!

Flying monkeys are not the only Loungefly reveal today.  WDW News has finally revealed photos of the Walt Disney World merch for it’s 50th Anniversary and we have two new Loungefly.  One is a sequin!! It’s a bright vivid pink ombre bag that is definitely loud but I love it.   The front pocket, bow and ears are covered in iridescent pink sequins whilst the rest is a mirror effect of pinks, purples and golds.  The matching Spirit Jersey has the same effect of the writing.   I love the ears too.

The second offering is a dark blue all over print featuring the fab 7 (they’ve included Chip and Dale) in their party outfits.  I love the little castles in the 0 of the 50.  The gold edging is very pretty too and the matching ears are pretty.   There’s another matching Spirit Jersey too. It’s going to be hard talking myself out of not getting this set as well as the pink.

Also spotted, A new Disney Dress Shop dress?

WDW 50th Anniversary Celebration Collection from WDW New

It looks like quite an extensive merch collection and you can see the full article here.  Good news for those of us outside of the US, at least some of the collection is coming to shopDisneyUK from the 12th August. 

Dooneys are coming

Speaking of things coming to shopDisneyUK, they’re also bring Dooney and Bourke bags to the UK.  Al least two designs and they’re available from the 19th August.

So when is it?

Is anyone else feeling like we need to keep a note of all these dates? Should i set up Facebook events for these things or is it just me who can never remember?

Offers & Discounts

shopDisneyUK again.  They currently have a 3 for 2 offering running for all of the nuiMOs collection.  It includes the new clothes just released the week and Ariel.

Save 10% at Purple Flamingo Vintage using code ‘SM10PFV’

If you sell any of the brands I feature and you have any promotions running please feel free to contact me and I’ll gladly include you in this section.

Outfit Of The Week

The outfit this week is very much just what i want to wear to Magic Kingdom if we actually make it there in October (I’m keeping everything crossed.

  • Bag, Ears and Spirit Jersey – See the 50th Anniversay section above.
  • Skirt – Unique Vintage, available from Roackamilly (It lights up, there’s videos of it on my Instagram somewhere!!!)
  • Shoes – I Heart Minnie Irregular Choice from the 2016 release. Best to set up an ebay alert.
  • Necklace – I Love Crafty

Bargain Find

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