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A slightly delayed newsletter this week due to the Hello Kitty launch yesterday but new stuff will find a way to keep happening so if people keep reading, I’ll keep writing.  All I ask is that maybe you give me a follow on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and/or YouTube, if you haven’t already.  Thank you in advance for your kindness.  Here’s what’s been happening this week.

Very Important Dates

  • Monday 16th August 10am (GMT) – Snag Tights Care Bear Launch
  • Thursday 19th August 8am (GMT) – Dooney & Bourke on shopDisneyUK
  • Monday 23rd August 8am (GMT) – shopDisney Ultimate Princess Celebration key

Hello Hello Kitty

So, the Sanrio Irregular Choice collection is live.  What did everyone think?  I feel like I’ve lived this collection for so long that I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself yesterday evening, other than playing with my new shoes of course.  My guide to the entire collection including the exclusives is online now.  It has detailed photos, stockist info and sizing advice but I’ve also managed to cover the sizing of every pair within one minute in this handy little video:

I’ve also chosen some of my favourites and created little TikTok videos (I have no idea how TikTok works but I like the songs).  This is a little mix up of them all but there are also shoe specific ones on TikTok (The videos get shrunken for Instagram so they’re not quite as good):

Also, expect a lot of reviews over the next few days.  I bought five pairs of shoes, a bag, two tights and two scarves from the collection so I have a lot to work through.

More Care Bears

You can never have too much of those kind-hearted fluffy teds and good job because we have more.  This time, tights from Snag Tights.  There are at least 6 different designs with Wish Bear, Good Luck Bear, Cheer Bear and Funshine Bear getting their own pair.  They launch on Monday 16th August at 10am.  You can sign up for notifications here.

The Wonderful Wizard

Anyone who reads the ramblings I write will know that I’ve been having an on/off relationship with the latest Eight3five/Hooks UK Loungefly exclusive.  The Wizard of Oz bag has been haunting my dreams.  I think that the issue is that the reveal was seriously so long (2 weeks) that your imagination had way way way too long to imaginate your dream Oz bag.  Nothing in reality could ever compete with that.  My non-fantasy bag launched yesterday and I’ve pre-ordered it (well, I was hopping around and hiding behind my hands whilst the husband did the hard work so I guess I must really want it).  There was an unboxing video of the bag on Instagram and it looks a lot prettier than the stock images we’ve seen (the road looks yellow instead of orange).

Both bags, the wallet and the different set options are all still available for pre-order at Hooks UK.  The expected ship date is October.

Eclectic Website

Eclectic, who sell bargain Irregular Choice shoes on eBay and Amazon, now have their own website.  It’s and has been added to the stockist list.  It’s a nice little site.  Really easy to navigate.  They do have the Hello Kitty collection, so another place for the cat related  searches.

A Few Loungefly Reveals.

We have a new Halloween and Purple Wall parks bags, Mickey Coffin, Hocus Pocus, Harley Quinn and Kronk all confirmed with US stockists.  It’s unconfirmed yet if these will be coming to the UK but I’ll keep you updated.

Loungfly In Real Life

No photos of stranger i don’t know here (that is such a strange trend), this is a safe place. i just steal them off the Loungefly social media and from Get Ready Comics instead. We have more real life images of some Loungefly pre-orders.  I’ve also learnt (from Let’s Talk Loungefly) that I like spooky but not stabby/slashy.  The spooky season is very much upon us, in August.  I ain’t complaining. There’s rather a lot so I’ve put them in a gallery at the end of this post.

Guess Who’s Back

Speaking of Get Ready Comics, they have some old favourites returning. They are either in stock of you can sign up to be notified when they will be if not already.

Offers, Discounts & Bargains

Unrulyu (Eclectic) have 30% off Irregular Choice bags for a limited period of time.  This discount is on top of sale prices but doesn’t include Hello Kitty.  There are some serious bargains to be had. The Party Poodle bag is a bargain £27.99, Hip Hippo £34.99 (I have it already both, they’re amazing) and I’m trying really hard to resist Space Dust at £55.99.

Also Unrulyu (Eclectic), this time it’s buy one get one free on sliders.  Perfect for summer holidays

The shopDisneyUK 3 for 2 offer on the nuiMOs collection end at 8am tomorrow, Sunday 15th August.  It includes the new clothes just released last week and Ariel.

Save 10% at Purple Flamingo Vintage using code ‘SM10PFV’

I also spotted a lot of sales bargains at Irregular Choice Manchester yesterday. I tried to film them all for you.

If you sell any of the brands I feature and you have any promotions running please feel free to contact me and I’ll gladly include you in this section.

Outfit Of The Week

Leaving, on a jet plane, one day we’ll get to fly again.  When we do, this is what I’ll be wearing.  It’s kinda 60’s Pan Am/Helly Kitty rainbow dreams mashup.  I should have included some little white gloves and matching blue belt.

Friday Finds?

Are you looking for something? Have an ISO (In Search Of) that you need help with.  How would you like it featured in future newsletters so that we can get more people on the hunt for you?  If you’re interested feel free to contact me on any of my social media channels.

Until Next time

Love Sarah x

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