Irregular News – Issue 20

Hello There

How’s you doing? I’m back to reality after 5 days at Disneyland Paris. I have so much content to share. Today I’ve been editing videos of drones from Big Thunder Mountain. You can watch the full videos on my YouTube channel now.

Disney aside, there is so much news to share. A lot has happened or is about to happen, I’ve tried to catch it all.

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Very Important Dates

  • Friday 1st April 5am – Loungefly May Pre-Orders go live at Get Ready Comics, GeekCore and Very Neko
  • Friday 1st April 8am – Delayed Mickey Mouse The Main Attraction Teacups released on shopDisneyUK (except soft toy)
  • Friday 1st April 12 Noon – Irregular Choice Short & Spout Launch (Teapot heels)

Time For Tea!!!

A new character heel is coming on Friday. Irregular Choice is launching Short & Spout on noon on Friday. It features a new version od a teapot heel, very similar to the Alice heel but without the massive platform height and stacked cups.

So far, only a pink floral colourway named Elevenses has been revealed but the promos do say collection so we can and should expect more to come. I did a little reel on Instagram with everything we know so far.

I’ll be at Irregular Choice Carnaby and Irregular Choice Brighton in just over a week so hopefully they’ll be some of the collection left for me to photograph and film.

Christmas All Year Long

The Stitch Shoppe Minnie Ornament crossbody has finally made it to the UK. I’m so obsessed with this bag that I will be using it as soon as I get it, I ain’t waiting until next Christmas. I’m sure I can come up with some non-festive looks to pair the bag with. It is exclusive to Funko Europe and it’s not cheap but it is seriously pretty. I’ll be reviewing mine as soon as I get it on Friday.

Loungefly Stitch Shoppe Minnie Ornament Crossbody

More Minnie Crossbody Exclusiveness

Not content with one Minnie crossbody, Funko Europe also has the Minnie Mouse hat bag now available to buy. This one I’m a bit unsure of how it will look in real life but I do have the perfect outfit for it so I’m apprehensively excited.

Minnie Mouse Hat Crossbody from Funko Europe

They’re Back

Irregular Choice are making sure that nothing is gone forever by brining back some old epics. Last week saw the return of Trixy (I know!!!) and the Magic Pony back, both in two different colours, and today I Love You have returned. Sadly, Trixy sold out very quickly and are exclusive but you can set up an alert to be notified of more stock. I Love You afe not exclusive and so should be a bit easier to get.

Mickey Mouse The Main Attraction

As you’ll no doubt be aware, the third in the series of Mickey Mouse The Main Attraction was delayed this month. The Teacups inspired collection will released on shopDisneyUK at 8am on the 1st April. This sadly does not include the plush. It did not meet Disney’s standard and so will be released at a later publicised date.

Mickey Mouse The Main Attraction Mad Hatter’s Teacups

Lottie’s Atik Exclusives

Lottie’s Atik have done it again! Five new exclusive Irregular Choice are now online. I can’t choose a favourite but it’s between the pretty heart Ban Joes and the Can’t Touch This inspired daisy number renamed Tropical Holiday. There are also two new Piccolo in red glitter and the daisy pattern, a silver Anna Seed and purple glitter Curio Low. All are available online now and you can save 10% using code ‘isoSrh5092’.

Here There Be Dragons

The Dragon under the castle has finally opened back up at Disneyland Paris and so it’s the perfect timing for the new Maleficent Dragon Loungefly. It was released two days ago exclusively to four stores. It’s sold out on Funko Europe and Truffle Shuffle but you can still find her on Get Ready Comics and GeekCore.

Loungefly Maleficient Dragon

Loungefly Pre-Orders

We are just a few days away from May’s Loungefly pre-orders which go live at 5am on 1st April. Has anyone else been stalking the clues from Get Ready Comics? There’s a new Jurassic Park and I can’t wait to see what it is. Plus Frozen, Pinocchio, Bug’s Life and Star Wars by the looks of it. Pre-orders are available form Get Ready Comics, GeekCore and Very Neko (For Catwalk Members).

More Exclusives

Lottie’s are the not the only one with a new exclusive. Purple Flamingo Vintage and Shoe Emporium have brought back the Mermaid shiny blue from last year but this time on both a Nick Of Time and the bag with two names (so it’s either Wrap It Up or Put A Bow On It). You can find reviews of both in different colourways on the blog.

Irregular Choice Nick Of Time Exclusive at Purple Flamingo Vintage & Shoe Emporium

New on shopDisney

They are way out of my budget but I am in love with the new Disney Coach that has just been added on to shopDisney UK. The Mickey & Friends square bag is my favourite but I also love the red crossbody and the ears with pins and patches (I feel another project coming on).

Summer Is Coming

And this year we’re not stuck inside!! Great news then that Irregular Choice have this season’s sliders available and ready to buy. Who needs a holiday?

Still Waiting For Sparkle And Shine

You can never have too many sequins which is good because Celebration Purple and Candy Cane Pink sequin Minnie Mouse Loungefly are both coming to the EMEA exclusively with Truffle Shuffle soon. You can sign up to be notified for both the Purple and Pink online now.

Sales, Bargains & Discounts

  • Lottie’s Atik have 50% of remaining Hello Kitty Irregular Choice until 10am on Monday 4th April.
  • Truffle Shuffle have 20% off a minum spend of £40 using code ‘DAYLIGHT’
  • 12% off for new customers at EMP with minimum spend of £35. Use code ‘NKEMP12

Outfit Planning

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