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Very Important Dates

Saturday 13th November 9am – Little Mermaid Comic Strip Mini Backpack from Get Ready Comics

Irregular Choice Leggings? Say what?

Yes, that’s right, Irregular Choice are doing Leggings. This isn’t entirely a new thing, I do have a few pairs of much much older IC leggings in the wardrobe, but it’s certainly something we haven’t seen for a long time. Two prints have been released exclusive to Irregular Choice, Gamer and Cosmic Cat.

Hopefully this will expand in future as I’d love some of the other prints in Legging format. There’s obviously the classics like Pegasus and Dinosaur but I’m thinking the 2019 heart print would look pretty epic. They are quite pricy at £39 so would be interesting to know what the quality is like. Sadly they only go up to a size 18, hopefully this is something IC will address in the future. There is a handy size chart on the website if you’re planning to order.

Irregular Choice Leggings Size Chart

Comic Book Chic

The Grotto Treasures exclusive Little Mermaid Comic Strip Mini Backpack is making it’s way the UK. It will be in stock at 9am Saturday at Get Ready Comics. This design is so pretty.

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Loki!! The cosplay Virtual Con NYCC 2021 exclusive is awesome and it’s online now at Funko Europe. The tie and badge detail are perfect, I wish I had had it for my Loki disneybound that I did a few weeks ago. It would go so well with the God Of Mischief Loki ears from Acrtylic Addict.

Cath Kidston X Harry Potter

The collection has launched, well some of it at least. There’s still more of the collection to come but so far I have to admit it’s a little disapointing but I do love the art work so I’m holding out judgement until we’ve seen the entire collection.

Discount, Sales & Bargains

Lottie’s Atik have £50 off a number of styles for this week’s Wild Wednesday including some newer style Irregular Choice and the 2020 Nutcracker bag. It ends at Midnight on Thursday and should discount automatically but if not use the code ‘WILD’.

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