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I’m back home and back online to give you the latest news. Don’t worry, it’s not another date change, Irregular News will be back on Wednesdays from now on but I had a little crisis of purpose this week. I was feeling a bit irrelevant and decided to give it all up I couldn’t stay away for too long, the love to write is too strong even if I’m mostly just talking to myself.

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Anyways, a lot has been happening or is about to happen so here is the latest news:

A Sad Farewell

Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. Truer words could not be said in this case and before anything I want to say a massive massive thank you to Charlotte, Jess, Yaz, Lauren and Chloe at Irregular Choice Manchester for well everything.

Irergular Choice Manchester, we’ll miss you x

There’s not enough words to describe the impact that these ladies and everyone else who has worked there has had on the IC community and there’s going to be a massive hole left by them. Reading the comments on their posts, I can see that many people are as sad as I am about the shop closure but more importantly that there is so much love for the level of service the people who worked there provided. They’ve certainly had such a massive impact on my life and Irregular Voice and I will be forever like a Toy Story alien (eternally grateful). I’m sending all my love to them now and wish them the greatest amount of luck for whatever the future holds.

Very Important Dates

  • Sunday 7th November 6pm – Lottie’s Atik Exclusive Launch
  • Monday 8th November – Erstwilder An Australian Christmas Launch. Various times so please see guide
  • Tuesdays 9th November 9am – Disney Gamer Rex Loungefly exclusive to GeekCore and Funko Europe

Christmas Down Under

I’m in love with the latest Erstwilder collection, entitled An Australian Christmas. There are so many stunning pieces, perfect for the holidays and even a Koala or two. We also have Christmas Scarves and ornaments!! I would love to own most of the collection but top of my list are Comfy Christmas Koal, Yuletide Timber and the Christmas Pud scarf. What are you hoping for?

Erstwilder An Australian Christmas

The collection launches very early tomorrow morning and we do have the usual list of stockists but there are quite a few launch time changes. Fear not however, as I think I’ve caught all of the changes in my Launch Guide which is online now and will hopefully help you grab what you want tomorrow.

It’s A Kinda Magic

A new Irregular Choice heel!! This time it’s err a Magic Sceptre?? It does sound and look a little bit dodgy, from the side anyway, but once you get past that I love the idea of these shoes. I can’t afford any of them yet to be able to review them but I love the platform heel and that it lights up and plays music. Both of the Fairy Fantastic and the gold Wish Magic are my favourite based upon the images and I love that the little bubbles pouch is removeable from the boots. They do look kinda wide so I’m not sure how the boots would fit. If i win the lottery I can let you know. They are available direct from Irregular Choice but also some independant stockists. If you want to help me get a pair then please consider buying through Rockamilly using this link.

Get Your Exclusive On

Irregular Choice have launched their party collection for the season (more on that below) but if you want the even more exclusive look then head to Lottie’s Atik (figurativley, online, it’s Sunday evening, ain’t no one open). Lottie’s are back with more exclusives in a mid heel Piccolo (Think Fancy That but Ban Joe 7.2cm height) in a beautiful purple and red tartan. I suspect that there may be three other colourways coming too.

Any dinosaur-shaped ones?

Who doesn’t want a Dinosaur shaped present under the tree? Rex, that’s who. But what about a Loungefly Rex shaped present? I think we all want that and there’s a brand new bag, exclusive to GeekCore and FunkoEurope. The Rex Gamer Loungefly is pretty cute. I love his helmet with moveable antenna and that the game controller lifts up to reveal the front pocket. It launches on Tuesday (9th) at 9am.

More Exclusives From Lottie’s

There’s been so many exclusive shoes from Lottie’s Atik lately that it’s hard to keep up. I am seriously obsessed with the black sequin Anna Seed. These shoes are everything I would want from a party shoe, black and sparkly to go with any little black dress but with a quirky secret in the back. I needs them so so much.

Irregular Choice Anna Seed Exclusive To Lottie’s Atik

That’s not all though. We also have two Pterrific Time bags to match the Jurassic Jump boots and Nick of Time and Ban Joes in three new colours.

And Even More IC Newness

If that wasn’t enough Irregular Choice for you then don’t worry because we have a a whole load more including new Anna Seed!!! So much so that I’ve added it all to a gallery at the end of this newsletter. All of these are available direct from Irregular Choice and some independant stockists, full stockist list is here. If you plan to buy from Rockamilly or Purple Flamingo Vintage please use these affiliate links to help keep Irregular Voice going. I no longer have access to an Irregular Choice shop so literally can only photograph and review what I can afford to buy so every little helps.

Loungefly Tattoo

More exclusives from Geekcore, three new Loungefly featuring tattoo designs. Whilst these are not really my bag (literally) I know that there are a lot of people who love these tattoo inspired all over prints.

The Wizarding World Of Cath Kidston

Our favourite boy wizard and friends are heading to a Cath Kidston collection. It seems like forever ago that we got those amazing Disney X Cath Kidston collections but I did love pretty much all of it so I’m expecting big things of the Harry Potter collection. I suspect it might be on a smaller scale though, like the Snoopy collection maybe. We have no date yet but you can sign up for notifications.

Harry Potter X Cath Kidston

Discount, Sales & Bargains

Just a quick one this week, Fan Friday is currently in progress on shopDisney until Monday. There’s 20% off some products including a number of Loungefly.

Next issue I will do a sales and bargains round up.

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Irregular Choice Newness Gallery

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