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There was no newsletter last week, sorry, but we’re back. The husband and I have had a bit of a crazy week trying to re-arrange our US holiday after our transatlantic cruise was cancelled but we think we have a new plan now. Two weeks in Toronto and Niagara Falls. There are worse backup plans. Poutine and Maple lollies here we come, 9 days until we leave. Until then though, here’s the latest news.

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Very Important Dates

  • Friday 1st October From 3:30am – Erstwilder The Wiggles (My guide will be available tomorrow)
  • Friday 1st October 8am – Loungefly Draco Malfoy Cosplay Launch at Geekcore
  • Friday 1st October 12pm – Irregular Choice Halloween Collection
  • Monday 4th October 8am – Delayed shopDisney new nuiMOs collection with Jack, Sally & Halloween outfits

Irregular Spooks

As I started writing this newsletter (on a Wednesday, I really need to pick a day) I was hoping that Irregular Choice would announce their Halloween collection and guess what, I just saw the first teaser for the release.

It’s coming this Friday, the 1st October at noon. As is my guide (Hopefully Irregular Choice Manchester won’t mind me gate crashing again). The first teaser features a very very creepy face changing boot and bag named Ghostly Waltz and Haunted Hallway. Far too creepy for me (How am I going to survive the Universal Halloween Horror Night???) but they’re going to make for some amazing Halloween outfits that I can’t wait to see. Warning to fellow arachnophobes, they both feature little plastic spiders.

The rest of the collection has plenty of tricks and treats just waiting for the feet so stay tuned on Friday.

A More Friendlier Ghost

Casper! I love Casper and Unique Vintage have released a shirt and t-shirt featuring the friendliest of ghosts. You can find him at Truffle Shuffle and Rockamilly.

The Most Beautiful Trio

In my last newsletter I mentioned the return of some serious Loungefly grails. The Princess/Villian trio that were original cast member exclusives that were very limited release. They’re back and surprising they haven’t sold out yet. All three are available from Funko Europe (Check out the Funko Europe Spend & Save offer below).

Wiggle It?

Yes, until today I wasn’t aware of who The Wiggles are either. The latest Erstwilder collection is based on this very colourful children’s TV show and mini popsters group. My guide to the collection will be available tomorrow.

Erstwilder – The Wiggles

The Cat’s Meow

Binx isn’t the only making an appearance for the spooky holidays. The LASR exclusive Lucifer from Cinderella is now available in the UK curtesy of Truffle Shuffle and Funko Europe. (Check out the Funko Europe Spend & Save offer below)

Loungefly Luciferavailable from Funko Europe & Truffle Shuffle

Teeny Tiny Loungefly

We’re still waiting for the Halloween nuiMO outfits along with Jack and Sally (due in the UK on Monday 4th October) but we have finally started getting more of the mini accessories from across the seas. Last week shopDisney UK added the headphones and little kitchen sink ice cream bucket along with our very first mini Loungefly, the small scale snacks back. Even more exciting, they’re all included in the three for two offer across some of the other nuiMO characters and outfits (The T&C’s say this offer doesn’t end until 02/01/22, not sure if that’s an error).

More Irregular Newness

Irregular Choice have sneaked in a new light up chucky trainer boot called Galaxy Of Love. I love this chucky heel but I have to admit I’m a little on the fence with the design. The graffiti writing of ‘Out Of This World’ is pretty epic but I’m not sure how well it goes with the rest of the bold coloured shoe and the light up heart isn’t rechargeable but is pretty, much like last year’s ‘Heart On Your Sleeve’.

Whilst i was off Disney cruising I also missed the mini launch of the lightning bolt collection. These shoes are amazing with the 3D applique effect on the ‘Nick Of Time’ height heels and a flat boot version. I’m hoping Manchester still has some for me to see on Friday but they are going fast both from Irregular Choice direct and the independent stockists. If you plan to buy this collection from Rockamilly or Purple Flamingo Vintage please use these affiliate links to help keep Irregular Voice going.

We also have a new season of Iconics to get us ready for winter. These are all exclusive to Irregular Choice. The rainbow Fancy That and the illustration Fancy That look stunning.

I will endevour to get photos and video of all new stock at Manchester on Friday. Let me know if there’s anything specific you’d like to see.

A Date With Malfoy and Ron

That’s right, the highly anticipated Malfoy will launch at 8am on Friday at Geekcore. The Ron version of the bag will be dispatched on Friday too along with their exclusive Iron Man, Kylo Ren and the non exclusive but very hard to find Pumpkin Mickey crossbody. They may have a few spare. The BB8 and R2D2 exclusives are expected early next week.

Wild Wednesday

Every Wednesday Lottie’s Attik run a 24 hour discount on certain items. It ends each Thursday at 5pm which is why it’s usually not included in the newsletter. This week it’s a autumn edit with 25% off selected boots, coats and scarves included some items already in the sale. The discount should apply automatically but use the code ‘Wild’ if not.

Discount, Sales & Bargains

The ‘SM10PFV’ 10% discount code can now be applied to the Irregular Choice Hello Kitty Collection and some of the other newer collections at Purple Flamingo Vintage

Daisy Mae Boutique have 25% off select Irregular Choice until Sunday 3rd October. The discount should apply automatically but if not use code ’25OFFIC’. It doesn’t include the most recent releases but does include the Dogs and Red Riding Hood collections.

Funko Europe have a Spend & Save offer running until the 3rd October. If you spend £75 you’ll get a voucher for £20, £100 spend will get you a £30 voucher and spend of £120 or more gets a £40 voucher. All vouchers have a minimum spend requirement of £75, they will be issued on or after the 25th October and are limited to one per customer. Nice little bonus if you were planning to buy something anyway.

The Funko Europe Loungefly sale continues with many bargains to be had. I’ve picked out a few Halloween appropriate favourites. The Jack and Sally backpack is now £49, The Beetlejuice Funko Pop pin reduced to £10 and the Zero wristlet a bargain £25.

Outfit Of The Week

I thought this week I’d share with you my outfit for Boo Bash at Disney World. It’s looking more and more like we will get to go on October 26th. If not, I’ll just waer this any way where ever I am because I love it. Yes, there is two bags. Ever since i first saw the Mickey Pumpkin crossbody I knew i needed it to hold my Boo Bash trick or treating loot. I have visions of this bag being filled with a lot of sweets so I have everything crossed that it arrives on time. The bag is being a bit of a hot commodity. If you haven’t managed to secure him then keep an eye on Geekcore on Friday as they may have spare. I might be needing to get a backup just incase.

  • Dress – Disney Park Dress Shop, Past season
  • Cape – shopDisney
  • Pumpkin Bag – Loungefly, Get Ready Comics
  • Hocus Pocus Bag – shopDisney Loungefly, Past season.
  • Boots – Ghost House, Irregular Choice. Past season.
  • Necklace – Hocus Pocus Interchangeable Ears, Acrylic Addict

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