Irregular Choice – Looney Tunes

They can say, they can say it all sounds crazy but that’s ok because it’s meant to be. It’s Looney Tunes. If you can’t go crazy for Looney Tunes when can you?

I am so excited about Looney Tunes Irregular Choice. I’ve collected everything known to date a long with every stockist I could find and have put it all here on one place for you.

I’ve also done a quick reference video guide that you can find on my social media.

When & Where?

Friday 29th July at 12 noon. The collection will launch at on the Irregular Choice website as well as the Irregular Choice stores. There are also a number of UK stockists who will have this collection, you can find a lit of them at the end of this guide.

What’s Being Released?

This is the largest amount of previews I think I have ever seen. I can’t wait to find out how much more we have in store for this collection. We know that we have a new charachter heel with the swinging Tweety Bird on two different shoe

The Box & Sole

We actually have a number of different soles for this collection judging by the stock images. Tweety Bird has her own sole as does Bugs

Merrie Melodies

  • Size 36 to 41
  • Heel height 13.3cm with 3.5cm platform
  • New version of the snowglobe character heel
  • Usually true to size
  • 4654-01a

Saturday Morning

  • Irregular Choice Exclusive
  • Size 36 to 41
  • Heel height 13.3cm with 3.5cm platform
  • New version of the snowglobe character heel
  • Back zip which can require sizing up
  • Top opening measures 25 cm on a size 37
  • 4653-01a

Tweety Twist

  • Irregular Choice Exclusive
  • Size 36 to 46 (extended sizes)
  • Heel height 7.2cm
  • Ban Joe heel
  • Usually true to size but generous
  • 4255-88a

Tweet Me

  • Irregular Choice Exclusive
  • Size 36 to 43
  • A new sole design
  • 4656-01a

Bunny Love

  • Size 36 to 46 (extended sizes)
  • Heel height 6cm
  • Usually true to size
  • Same base shoe as Charmers Market and Dazzle Razzle
  • 4136-93b

Carrots And Jokes

  • Size 36 to 46 (extended sizes)
  • Usually true to size
  • General trainer shape same as Gone Fishing and Pump It Up
  • 4473-44a

That’s All Folks

  • Size 36 to 43
  • Heel height 10.5cm with 3cm Platform
  • Same base shoe as Moovin And Groovin and Tunnel Of Love
  • 4649-04a

You’re Despicable

  • Size 36 to 46 (extended sizes)
  • Usually true to size
  • Same base shoe as God Moma and Kitty Walk
  • 3952-23a

Running Around Bag

  • New bucket shape
  • 15 x 14cm
  • Removeable sholder strap
  • New SS22 bag design, same as Stickers And Smiles
  • b208-02a

Tweety Blooms Bag

  • Irregular Choice Exclusive
  • 20 x 28 x 8cm
  • b207-02a
  • New SS22 bag design, the same as Teddy Time and Daisy Days

Couple Goals Bag

  • 27 x 19 x 11cm
  • Removeable sholder strap
  • Top handle style bag same as I Know New Tricks and Aquatic Assembly
  • b152-08a

Tune In Bag

  • Changeable screens
  • 33 x 23 x 13cm
  • Removeable sholder strap
  • New bag shape for this collection
  • b214-01a


  • One size up to UK 16
  • 85% polyamide, 15% spandex
  • The purple Trust Tweety Tights are an IC Exclusive
  • ictights04v, ictights04x, ictights04y


Irregular Choice as well as the Brighton store. The shops are always me first call when looking for a hard to find item from a new collection. Sadly we only have Brighton left at the moment but I’m sure they’re going to be just as amazingly helpful.

Other confirmed stockists are:

Daisy Mae Boutique

Eclectic (eBay)

Eclectic (Amazon)

Eclectic/Unrulyu (website)

Lotties Attic

Lovely Boutique

Purple Flamingo Vintage


Rockamilly Bristol (Facebook)

You can also try the following who usually get new collections but have not stated that they will have the Looney Tunes collection:

Atom Retro

Captain Jellyfish (Used to be Eshoes)

Kiss Shoes

You can find my Irregular Choice full UK stockist list here.

That’s all folks x

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