Erstwilder Space Minis

The next Erstwilder mini collection is here and this time we’re off to space.

What’s Being Released?

Five mini brooches. The ‘Blast Off’ rocket, a mini ‘God Of Time’ in pink, the cutest space dog ever ‘Apollo K9’, the ‘Close Encounter’ UFO and a Big Bang worthy ‘Up And Atom’.

You can watch a video of the entire launch on Erstwilder’s facebook page but I’ve also provided screenprints below.

Where and when

The range officially launches at 12:30PM (AEST) Tuesday 26th July but UK stockists have a range of launch times which are listed below:

Tuesday 26th July


Cherry Picked Retro

Daisy Park

Piccadilly Lilly

Shoe Emporium Mansfield

Wednesday Jones


Rockamilly (also Rockamilly Bristol)


Carnation Retro


Lottie & Lu

There may be others but these are the only ones I can find that have publicised that they have it. You can always check my stockist list for others.

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