Clue time. All the Loungefly August Pre-Order hints

It’s that time again! I know, i don’t know how either, but alas we are on the final count down to the Loungefly pre-orders for August.

New to Loungefly and not sure how it works? Each month a certain number of stockists get a certain number of bags available for pre-orders that will be released a few months later. A wider range of stockists do get the bags upon their release but pre-orders make it possible for you to secure the bag ahead of time. The bags are not mostly revealed until the 1st of each month (we have had a few reveals early) when pre-orders go live at 5am and we are given an artist sketch design rather than an a real life photo of the bag which is a little like playing the lottery. If you take a look at the guide for July pre-orders it might give you more of an idea.

I haven’t previously collected all the clues from different places together before but i thought it might be useful. I’m going to order them by theme so that clue’s pointing to the same bag are together.


This certainly does look like it’s going to be Ironman doesn’t it, the Geekcore Iron Man sold out very quickly yesterday so maybe something similar or are we going to see more Marvel characters? It does just seem to be Iron Man so far.

Get Ready Comics Clue 1
Stellarae Boutique Hint 1
Very Neko Hint 3
Owley Boutique Hint 2
Toyz N Fun Hint 1

Winnie The Pooh

The quote is from Eeyore and it very much looks like Hundred Acre Woods. The clues do very much seemed to be focused on Eeyore so far, rather than a general Winnie the Pooh bag, so maybe an Eeyore cosplay

Very Neko Clue 2
Whimsical Wishes Hint 1
Shop Merch Ventures Hint 1
Nichole Madison Boutique Hint 2
Jalugo Shop Hint 1
Get Ready Comics Hint 2


A quote from Jasmine with Agrabah. This looks exciting. We haven’t had a new standalone Jasmine Loungefly for quite a while unless you count her appearance on the Rajah bag. Two of the clues are more generically Aladdin rather than Jasmine specific but I don’t think this is enough for us to give up hope of a Jasmine bag just yet. Or maybe it’s a castle bag like Cinderella!!! It’s certainly our most popular subject for hints so far so can we expect big things and, more importantly, with it go with my Jasmine Irregular Choice.

Very Neko Clue 1
Blue Culture Tees Hint 1
Owley Boutique Hint 1
Turin Bag Hint 1
Stellarae Boutique Hint 2
Circle Of Hope Hint 1
Nichole Madison Boutique Hint 3
Under The Sea Collectibles Hint 2

Snoopy/Charlie Brown

So far we’ve only had hints from the US but generally the UK gets the same bags with a few exceptions. We could ceryainly do with another Snoopy bag though. It’s very likely that this won’t be released in the UK.

The Line Jumper Hint 1
World 1-1 Games Hint 1
Nichole Madison Boutique Hint

Minnie Mouse

Clues from the US of a new Minnie Mouse bag. Minnie and Mickey cosplay bags are generally exclusive to Disney Parks (Think Minnie safari, Santa Mickey, etc,) but have had the Mickey balloon so this is interesting. Is it another sequin like the white rainbow from last month, an all over Minnie print or is it a cosplay? Whatever it is, i think I’m going to need it.

Nichole Madison Boutique Hint 1
Under The Sea Collectibles Hint 1
Toyz N Fun Hint 2
Blue Culture Tees Hint 3


Loungefly did a pink Barbie packpack and crossbody not too long ago and then there was the Stitch Shoppe By Loungefly Barbie collection but the hints are certainly suggesting that we have some more Barbie girl coming our way.

World 1-1 Games Hint 2
Blue Culture Tees Hint 2
Very Neko


We’ve had quite a few variations of Carl and Ellie including the recent mailbox inspired bag, the clouds and the recent Forbidden Planet Adventure Is Out There. What could be next? Whatever it is I don’t think there can ever be too much Up!

Turin Bag Hint 2
Shop Merch Ventures Hint 2
The Line Jumper Hint 2


There seems to be a range of different Nickelodeon charachters so a number of bags or one bag with lots of charachters from different cartoons?

Very Neko

Star Wars

The pointy thingy is Star Wars but that’s all I know.

Other Hints

Clues that don’t easily fit under one category

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