Sizing Up The Grinch – Mini sizing videos

I give sizing advice a lot in my reviews and sometimes people complain that it wasn’t right. Sizing is so subjective and there’s so many variables, foot shape, gait, ankle width, leg width, foot arch, and on and on. Hearing sizing advice from one person isn’t always useful so i thought what if i get a few people together and we all try on the shoes to give our verdict. So that’s what we did for the Grinch collection, made possible by the lovely Chamina at Shoe Emporium (who is honestly a saint for listening to all me crazy ideas).

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I was joined by Chamina and the very lovely Nicola for these videos. We are all very different but equally as wonderful body shapes and shoe sizes so I think it actually ended up being quite a good experiment. Lets see if you agree. The videos have been shared on social media but i’ve also included them below. There’s one for each shoe in the collection except the slippers:

Green Machine

Holiday Intolerant

(Sorry it won’t embed for some reason. I’m working on it but link below)

Merry Grinchmas

Naughty And Nice

Im Here The Presents

Any feedback you have, good or bad, would be greatly appreciated. We plan to do this for every launch going forward but next time hopefully the videos won’t be rushed it 4am.

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