Erstwilder x Peanuts Collection – Launch Guide

Another very late last minute quick guide (i really need better time management) for the Erstwilder Peanuts collection. I have to admit, i don’t actually know that much about Peanuts other than Charlie Brown Christmas and of course Snoopy but it actually seems like just before Christmas is the right time for me for this collection.

What’s Being Released?

Right, it was hard to keep count in the videos for this collection but i think we have 10 brooches, four necklaces, two sets of earrings, three neck scarfs, three headscarfs, 8 pins and a partridge in a pair tree. Wow, big breath.

The necklaces are simply stunning and two brooches are a set. One set has three different quotes which is pretty cool and i may be wrong but i think there’s a set with Snoopy and a little Woodstock (but i may have just seen the necklace twice).

It’s quite a big collection again, on par with Care Bears, after the last few smaller releases. Some stockists have said they have don’t have the full collection so if you’re after something specific I’d check the social media of your intended shop target first to see if they’ve said they have it.

Do they sell out?


Do not pass go, do not breathe. Well keep breathing, don’t die, but you know, move as quickly as humanly possible. Use the list of stockist times below and be logged in to any accounts and papal where ever possible. Pick your favourite and go for it or else you risk missing out altogether.

Where and when

The range officially launches at 12:30PM (AEST) Tuesday 8th December but UK stockists have a range of launch times. Another very very late night or very early morning for us all.

Please note, some stores are experimenting with different launch times to usual so have a look below. Also, some of the usual stores haven’t advertised that they are stocking the Peanuts collection so I’ve contacted them to double check. If anything changes I’ll update the list.

Tuesday 8th December


Carnation Retro

Cherry Picked Retro

Daisy Parks

Kitty Kat

Out Of The Blue

Piccadilly Lilly



Rockamilly – They’ve also done a release guide (*for 10% discount scroll to the bottom)


Lottie & Lu

*If you’re a new Rockamilly customer and you’d like 10% discount on your order you can use this code –  REBEL27

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