Let’s get some cheer!

Hello lovely people.

First off, I want to let you know that this post is a paid for ad from Shoe Emporium Mansfield.  My reviews can’t be bought be my blog posts can be.  A girl has gotta… I was going to say eat but we all know I’m buying shoes instead of like steak or whatever when it comes down to it.  I can live off beans and toast when I have amazingness on my feel!! 😀

Anyway, Shoe Emporium Mansfield currently have a really great offer with 20% off most shoes except the last two Irregular Choice releases. It applies to a lot of shoes already reduced in the sale. There’s also free delivery over £50 in the UK and £100 internationally.  It’s such a great deal that it shouts about itself really. They still have one of my favourites of 2020 available in some sizes and the discount applies.  Full of Cheer from the Care Bears collection.  If you want to read my guest review and find out more about the deal then just head over to Shoe Emporium.  Hopefully it’s everything you’ve come to expect from my reviews, still my honest opinion just on a different blog page.

In the meantime, here’s a quick glance at some of beauties that you can also save money on at Shoe Emporium

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