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So Erswilder’s next release goes live tonight/tomorrow morning but this one is a little but different. Whatever The Weather is supporting two Charities, Headspace and Minus18. Two very worthy causes tackling mental health and the rights of LGBTQIA+ youths.

Here’s Erstwilder’s statement below

What’s Being Released?

Three necklaces, 14 broches and two sets of earrings. Everything is a very colourful cartoon type feel with lots of rainbows. I really love the plalyful designs.

You can watch a video of the entire launch on Erstwilder’s facebook page but there’s a few screenshots below if you scroll on down.

Do they sell out?

Stock is limited and everything is selling much faster than it used to due to shops not getting as much stock. Hopefully things won’t go as crazy as Care Bears and Woodlands but if you want ti grab it. I ended up with nothing that i wanted from the last release as i hesitated too much.

Where and when

The range officially launches at 12:30PM (AEST) Monday 2nd November but UK stockists have a range of launch times. Another very very late night or very early morning for us all.

Please note, some stores are experiment with different launch times to usual so have a look below.

Monday 2nd November


Daisy Parks

Out Of The Blue

Piccadilly Lilly

Rosie Sorrell

Kitty Kat


Rockamilly – They’ve also done a release guide (*for 10% discount scroll to the bottom)


Cherry Picked Retro


Lottie & Lu

Acrylic Annie


Carnation Retro

*If you’re a new Rockamilly customer and you’d like 10% discount on your order you can use this code – ┬áREBEL27

Good luck everyone x

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