Garden Party – Irregular Choice Realease Guide

So, another Friday and another Irregular Choice release.  The backup of launches was inevitable with so much stock delayed earlier in the year but it’s certainly making for a very interesting April.

This guide is a little different as it’s put together using a bit of detective work and based purely on photos so I’ll be adding to the guide after the actual launch.  I don’t even know what the launch is called as I type this.  I’ve guessed Garden Party so we’ll see how close I was.  I won’t be seeing the actual physical shoes beforehand so sizing is based on previous versions of the same shoe style.

Beasty Blooms

I have no words but wow.  These shoes!  It’s like a whole summer garden on your feet.  The bag zip is back and I’ve not had much look with bag zip shoes recently.  They’ve all been too wide.  These look like they’re not quite as generous width wise as Big Day Out and Dolphin Splash which is good news for some but not so good for others sorry.

Irregular Choice Beasty Bloom & Insect Inspiration

The platform shoe has a cylinder cone shaped heel that we haven’t seen before that forms the base of a stunning sandal.  A shimmering greenery grows up the front of the foot with stunning three town flowers and garden habitats on the side.  The pearlized blue fabric and matching glitter heel and platform is very pretty and I love it with that pop of bright yellow.  My only worry is the size of the bugs.  The butterfly, lady bird and bee seem quite big and maybe a little scary? Perfect for A Bugs Life Disneybound though or Winnie The Pooh.  Also, the Insect Inspiration bag match these shoes perfectly.

Price: £165

Sizing: Sizes 36 to 43.

Heel Height: 8.6cm

Butterfly Bounce

Great news for those who have been wanting more flats. The same basic shoe as Ey Up Chuck and Stage Skool, these brogues have a platform of 4cm giving a little extra height whilst still providing the comfort of a flat.  Butterfly Bounce come in three colours, each combining three different fabrics.  The pastel check combines pink, green, purple and yellow with purple laces creating a pastel rainbow look.  There’s also a more bolder rainbow combination with a gorgeous hot pink tartan that’s put together with an emerald green, bright yellow and burnt orange. 

Irregular Choice Butterfly Bounce

The final colourway is a monotone option that has managed to mix zebra print, stars, gingham and a shiny silver with ease.  The colour/fabric combinations are a work of art quite frankly. If it wasn’t for the 3D butterflies I would most likely need every colour.  Yes, each shoe is adorned with five 3D butterflies that look so individual and realistic that they freak me out a little (As you might have guessed, I’m not a big fan of bugs that can fly, or any bug really) but I may need to face the fear for these.

Price: £149

Sizing: Sizes 36 to 41.

Heel Height: 4cm


These shoes are stunning and I’m obsessed.  The perplex heel is one of my favourites as it pretty much looks good with everything and the is a great height for me.  The shoes come in a teal/aqua blue and black and how amazing is the teacup and heart embroidery pattern.  The cute cherry cupcake, Homer worthy donut and teacup on the front cover the T-bar strap.  The little bow on top and the very shiny sequin heels could be too much for some but for me they’re perfect.  I think these might be the shoes deeded to celebrate when we get our new kitchen (I really do use and excuse).

Irregular Choice Tiffin

Price: £129

Sizing: Sizes 36 to 43.  True to size based upon other shoes in this style.

Heel Height: 9.6cm

Insect Inspiration

A perfect match to Beastly Blooms, this bag is just as pretty. The bag has a very shiny vibe wth purples, blues and pinks and features a large butterfly on the front that looks like it is about to take flight.  The bee and the ladybird from the matching shoes are also back along with those three tone flowers they almost look Alice In Wonderland esq. The top handle bag comes with a shoulder strap and we have seen this style before of course.  Past variations include The Cat In The Hat, Picture Show, Fun And Games and Hippokampos.  The front flap fastens with a claps over a zipped closing and there’s a zip pocket inside as well as two pouch pockets.

Price: £129

Size: L28 x W13 x H21 cm

Butterfly Beau

Another perplex hee for the collection. This time exclusive to Irregular Choice and very reminiscent of Oz with the raised tongue and bow. Butterfly Beau have an added butterfly and the glitter gingham fabric looks like a pastel version of So Hippo, one of my favourite shoe finishes for a while. These shoes are sho pretty and wouth go woth so many clothing options. Pedal pushers, a tied checked shirt and buches for the pink and the blue is a perfect match for the new Loungefly Winnie The Pooh crossbody. Shame the bow isn’t yellow.

Irregular Choice Butterfly Beau

Price: £105

Sizing: Sizes 36 to 43.  True to size based upon other shoes in this style.

Heel Height: 9.6cm


Confirmed stockists are:

Daisy Mae Boutique

Eclectic (eBay)

Eclectic (Amazon)

Lotties Attic

Lovely Boutique

Purple Flamingo Vintage


Shoe Emporium Mansfield

You can find my Irregular Choice full UK stockist list here.

What if it sells out

Usually most stuff that sells out can be found. The official site as well as many of the stockists allow you to sign up for email alerts when items come back in stock You can find out how to set up an alert on the official site here. Check the independents as well as the offical site and set up alerts on the official site. You can also set up an ebay alert for Hippos as quite a few of the independents sell on there too. Eclectic sell on Ebay and Amazon so check both.

Facebook groups like Irregular Choice buy, sell and worship sometimes set up a post to link buyers searching for something specific to stockists.

Best of luck x

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