Erstwilder Dinosauria- Launch Guide

The last few weeks has been the best for dinosaur lovers. First we had a Jurassic Park bag as part of Loungefly’s June pre-orders, the Irregular Choice did a surprise dinosaur release and now Erstwilder are giving us more prehistoric creatures. As a massive Jurassic Park fan (original book and film and Lost World, if a sequel doesn’t have Dr Malcolm it ain’t worth watching) I’m so excited about what Erstwilder has coming.

What’s Being Released?

If I’ve counted right we have four necklaces, a cardigan clip, four sets of earrings, a double brooch set and 14 single brooches (one of which is a free gift for a certain value of purchases). So 24 pieces in total.

Erstwilder Dinosauria

I have the Scotty Stegosaurus necklace from the Fan Favourites collection last year and I love it but this collection is embraces a lot more realism that the more colourful and childlike Erstwilder dinos that came before.  I can’t wait to hopefully have both versions in my collection.

In terms of variety we have quite a few different dinosaurs covered.  A Triceratops with it’s cute little baby, Raptors, a Pterodactyl, Microraptor, Parasaurolophus, a Dilophosaurus ready to poison someone, a Stegosaurus (with some serious pretty colours in it’s acrylic), a Brachiosaurus (in some seriously pretty variations) and of course the T-Rex (the only one that has me a little disappointed).  We also have dinosaur fossils and a Raptor hatching from an egg aptly called ‘Life Finds A Way’ (Jurassic Park easter egg!!).Finally we have a very colourful meteor brooch which is from some stockists for orders over a certain amount.

You can watch a video of the entire launch on Erstwilder’s facebook page but there’s a screenshots below if you scroll on down to the bottom.

Erstwilder Dinosauria

Do they sell out?

Since the first lockdown Erstwilder releases got a bit crazy in terms of how fast everything was sold out by, with stock levels greatly reduced. Thankfully, we’ve gradually seen it slow down and the last launch, Hello Kitty, was almost back to a pre-covid normal. I think the return of the free gift means that it may be safe to actually try to but more than one piece at a time again but i do think the Herbivore Heritage and I’ll Be Brach necklaces will go the fastest.

Erstwilder Dinosauria

Where and when

The range officially launches at 12:30PM (AEST) Tuesday 4th May but UK stockists have a range of launch times which are listed below:

Tuesday 4th May


Carnation Retro – Limited free brooch with orders over £75 & limited essential earrings

Cherry Picked Retro Full collection collection except the sedimental keepsake brooch. Limited free brooch with orders over £85

Daisy Park Full collection. Free gift with three or more brooch/necklace purchases from the collection

Kitty Kat

Out Of The Blue Gifts Full collection & essential earrings. Free gift with three or more brooch/necklace purchases from the collection

Piccadilly Lilly Full collection & some essentail earrings. Free gift with three or more brooch/necklace purchases from the collection

Thunder Egg Free gift with three or more brooch/necklace purchases from the collection


Shoe Emporium Mansfield


Rockamilly Free gift with three or more core Erstwilder purchases from any collection.


Lottie & Lu

Lovely Boutique

Glitterally Free gift with three or more full price Erstwilder purchses including one from the Dinosauria collection. Excluides, scarves, pins and £5.75 priced earrings.

I will, as always, be updating the guide with any new stockist information between now and the launch times.

Best of luck x

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    1. Some stockists change every so often and the earliest times all depend upon when the collection is released in Australia. I think this time the only change is that Glitterally have moved from 6am to 6:30am x

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