Erstwilder My Little Pony

Erstwilder are doing My Little Pony!! Erstwilder are doing My Little Pony!! Erstwilder are doing My Little Pony!!! Did you know that Erstwilder are doing My Little Pony?

What’s Being Released?

The collection is on the smaller side but it’s so sweet. Ony one necklace and two sets of earrings but we do have eleven brroches and a Happy Sun brooch free gift. There is also 8 enamel pins, three key rings and essenstial earrings.

Erstwilder My Little Pony

As the collection isn’t that big the range of ponies is limited but we do have some favourites in there. I love Applejack and Cotton Candy and Starshine of course. I feel like these are going to sell out the fastest but we never know. I love the box art work so much too.

Erstwilder My Little Pony

You can watch a video of the entire launch on Erstwilder’s facebook page but I’ve also provided screenprints below. You can also watch a live reveal with the very lovely twobroochgirls on Instagram.

Where and when

The range officially launches at 12:30PM (AEST) Tuesday 4th April but UK stockists have a range of launch times which are listed below:

Tuesday 4th April


Daisy Park

Oh My Marie

Piccadilly Lilly

Shoe Emporium Mansfield

Thunder Egg

Wednesday Jones

Yella Brick Road


Lovely Boutique



Rockamilly Bristol – Via Facebook


Lottie & Lu

These are all of the stockists who have publically stated tat they will have the collection. I will update the guide with any new information. You can always check my stockist list for and others too.


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