Erstwilder All Hallows’ Eve

Spooky time is here again. It’s time for an Erstwilder Halloween collection again. Are we ready for brooches that go boo in the night?

What’s Being Released?

A Victorian themed collection with ten brooches, a necklace, six enamel pins and then essential earrings. Four of the brooches glow in the dark. Whilst the collection is cute, and i see where they were going it with, the pumpkin characters are freaking me out a little (In the same way that I can’t look at the Aldi carrot family), but sinister faces for Halloween is good right? I do love the A Most Ghostly Pooch Brooch and I think his feline counterpart is going to be quite popular.

Where and when

The range officially launches at 12:30PM (AEST) Tuesday 27th September but UK stockists have a range of launch times which are listed below:

Tuesday 27th September:


Oh My Marie – Essential earrings and pins. Core collection available at 3:30am. Free gifts for orders over £50.


Cherry Picked Retro – Free postage over £50

Daisy Park

Oh My Marie – Core collection. Essential earrings and pins available at 3am. Free gifts for orders over £50.

Piccadilly Lilly

Shoe Emporium Mansfield



Rockamilly Bristol


Lottie & Lu


Carnation Retro

Other Stockists

Both Wednesday Jones and Lovely Boutique may also have the collection but havent stated a time. I will update the guide with any new information. You can always check my stockist list for and others too.

A Note For Stockists

This guide is the most popular thing that i produce. I am looking for stockists to sponsor it. If you would like to feature in exchange for the use of your photos (to make the guide more dynamic) please do get in touch.


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