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Hello.  If you’re reading this then thank you very much for joining me.  I’ve been wanting to turn Friday Finds into a mini little newsletter for a while and here it is.  It’s a little bit of what’s going on in the world of Irregular Choice, Loungefly, Erstwilder and a little bit of fashion so I hope you like it and that I can do more of this going forward.  If there’s enough interest then there is the option of moving towards a newsletter that gets delivered to your email inbox.  Speak up and I’ll brave the world of email subscription permissions.  I’m always open to suggestions (other than shut up)! For now though, enjoy this little Friday read.

Why, hello there Hello Kitty

Yes, the big big news.  Irregular Choice Hello Kitty is launching on Friday 13th August!!  I’m so excited! I’ll be doing my usual launch guide with sizing that will be online at the same time as the launch and will be trying not to annoy the staff at Irregular Choice Manchester by going live to much from the store.  Don’t ask me any questions as I’m saying nothing but we can talk about the reveals. 

The Playing Dress Up boots and the Hello Kitty Bag.  Both are completely fun with playable elements cos who says fashion can’t be a whole lot of fun.  The boots have clothes and accessories that you can take out the wardrobe and place on Hello Kitty (I have so many ideas for making my own additions) whilst the bag opens up to a full on dolls house that you can move Hello Kitty around in.   We have a new character heel to and a heel height for those that need to know.  She’s 11.5cm high with a platform of 1.5cm so the same as the recent Hippo collection and Mickey and Minnie.  The boots go from size 36 to 43. We also have prices (not something we usually get beforehand) with the boots costing £199 and the bag £145.  All of this information is on the Irregular Choice website, you’re in a spoiler free zone, but I’m seriously so excited about what is to come. I made a little ornament for the Grinch launch. Should i make something for Hello Kitty?

More Hello Kitty?

If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a new Hello Kitty backpack coming our way.  A part of the 2021 Summer Funkon on the 4th until the 6th August, it will be sold exclusively by Get Ready Comics.  It’s so pink and pretty and has a range of Sarino characters that we don’t often see.  I love the sushi theme too as I have quite a selection of Sushi dresses now from Irregular Choice (They’re in the sale!! See below. My Insta photos of them are here).  I’m now 100% sure how an online Funko convention works but I did win a place to shop at the event and so I’ll be blogging all about it.  These are the items that will be available to the UK as part of the event.  They different country to country so best to check here any non-UK readers.

Don’t want to wait?

Need a Hello Kitty fix right now to get you through the wait? Check out my Hello Kitty finds at the bottom of this newsletter.

Care Bear Stare

I swear, just when I think my Care Bear life is complete along comes a bit more.  Erstwilder will launch their second Care Bear collection on Tuesday 3rd August. I’ll be doing my launch guide with UK stockists as soon as Erstwilder do their full reveal and you’re going to want to check it as we have new stockists and some are changing times.  From the reveals so far it’s looking like it’s going to be a large collection.  Great news for those who missed out during the first launch when stock levels were low due to Covid.  Some pieces went so so so very fast.  Fingers crossed we’ll have a few more happy people this time.  I’m so excited to see what else is coming.

Just show us already

There’s always a number of clues going on about Loungefly exclusives but one has my full attention.  It’s by eight3five / Hooks_UK and it’s clearly The Wizard Of Oz.  If it isn’t I’ll buy you all flumps to commiserate but I’m like 99.999999% certain.  We soooooooooooo need to see this bag.  Please pretty please please please just show us.  Eight3five/Hooks_UK have had a number of truly great exclusives in the past including the Wonka bag, Tinkerbell and Fantasia.  They all sold out seriously fast.  If this is an Oz bag, and if it’s a good Oz bag, it will go fast.  Seriously fast.  In all honesty, I’ll need it even if it’s rubbish.

Outfit Of The Week

I had such a good response when I asked what shoes I should use should use for an outfit planning video that I decided to do a miniseries.  The first one is now online.

Each newsletter is going to have its own little planned outfit journey.  For this issue, I’m using a dress that I’ve been obsessing over.  It’s a love heart halter Unique Vintage that is available from Rockamilly.  I though it might be fun to stay with one store for the entire outfit (just to make life harder for myself) and this is what I came up with.

Outfit Of The Week – Rockamilly

The entire look is available from Rockamilly.

How Time Flies By

We’re almost at the start of the month again which means one thing.  Loungefly pre-orders.  I’ll be doing my guide again with UK stockists that do pre-orders.  It’s been a little difficult to get as excited about these with all the delays we’ve had lately but stuff has started moving and I’m still giddy from receiving my first pre-order delivery in so long (Review here).  Good stuff is coming, even if we do have to wait a little longer.  I think Loungefly might be reading the room as we’ve had far more reveals this time than ever before.  You can see them all below:

For those who like to play the guessing game though, there is still a few clues to solve.  I’ve chosen a section from a few different places:

What do we think?  I’m guessing that Snow White will be next in the castle series.  I can’t wait to see that.  I was a little bit disappointed with The Little Mermaid but most likely will need to get to to complete the set. We also have possible clues for Beetlejuice and CoCo as well as a Ghost Minnie.

I write my guide very late on the evening of the night before the first and then pull an all-nighter which is actually kinda fun. I’m getting a lot more excited for this now, delays be damned.

Did You Know?

That I have and Etsy store. I’m selling elastic bead braclets but i plan to expand into ever areas if i ever stop buying shoes long enough to have some money. I do have some Hello Kitty inspired kitty and bow sets for sale.

Bargains & Offers

It seems everywhere is having sales at the moment including the main Irregular Choice website.  There’s so many bargains everywhere that I don’t know where to start.  Here’s a few top picks:

Purple Flamingo Vintage how an extra 20% off their sale until tomorrow.  The extra discount is automatically added in your basket. Irregular Choice Tiffin are now £56, the light up Heart On Your Sleeve are £67.99 (I might need to get these and have a go at styling them) and the Vendula Paradise Destination is now £41.60. 

The very stunning Butterfly Beau are now £59.99, the Free Flying bag is reduced to £55 and the Wonderful Wasabi dress now £45 all on the Irregular Choice website. They do usually do further reductions after a week or so if you can hold out and live with what you want possibly selling out.

Also included in the Hello Kitty finds below but I thought I’d include them here too as they’re such a bargain. £15 each from Carnation Retro, reduced from £24.95.

Funko Europe, the official site for Loungefly in the UK, keep getting some very good bargains in their sale. You need to keep checking as new thinks randomly pop up like the Hogwarts mini backpack for £38. Some do go fast, by the time i went to share that one it had sold out. At the moment they have the Minnie Dots crossbody for £35, Stay Puft for £53 and my favourite bag ever the Mickey and Minnie Love Heart hands crossbody for a seriously bargain of £30. Finally, the Hello Kitty & Friends 60th Anniversary crossbody is now £32.50.

If you’re looking for shoes to go with the Irregular Choice Sushi dresses then Rockamilly have Sushi Chocolaticas shoes in their sale for £59.99 as well as the Cakeworthy Grogu Shorts Overalls for £44.99 and Irregular Choice Sunshine Dream reduced to £149.

If you’re having a sale or running a promotion in furture and you’d like to be featured please do feel free to let me know.

And finally…

The Hello Kitty finds that you were promised.

Love Sarah x

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