Irregular News – Issue 25

Wow. 2023. Happy New Year everyone and i hope you had a great Christmas. I did resolve to try and bit a bit more structured in how often and when i write my newsletter this year but then James told me not to worry. An irregular newsletter for an irregular person. I don’t mind that man sometimes.

So there’s a lot of news to be had, a large majority of it Loungefly related. New exclusives for stockists and return of some sequins. Plus shopDisney has started releasing it’s 100 celebration merch. You could also possibly win a a Grumpy Loungefly in my giveaway. Details of all of this and more is below.

If you’re a stockist, there’s a note at the end of this newsletter specifically for you.

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Very Important Dates

  • 5th January 9:30am – Purple Celebration Sequin Loungefly at TruffleShuffle
  • 6th January 7pm – Irregular Voice Competition ends, see below for details.
  • 11th January – LASR Holographic Sequin at TruffleShuffle.

Win Grumpy

Win the Grumpy Loungefly on my socials
Win this Grumpy Loungefly on my socials

Apparently there’s this thing called the January blues. I wouldn’t know as it’s my favourite month (along with Decmeber as its Xmas followed by my birthday) but I thought why help people combat the blues by giving them a chance to win the very cute Grumpy Loungefly. I’ve also just hit 3k of followers friends on Instagram too so let’s celebrate a little. The giveaway is open until 7pm on Friday 6th January and you can enter on both Instagram and Facebook if you haven’t already. Newsletter subcribers get an automatic extra entry too. UK residents only, sorry.

There’s No Place Like Home

Irregular Choice Wizard Of Oz Think Of Home & Think Of Home Again
Irregular Choice Wizard Of Oz Think Of Home & Think Of Home Again

As you may or may not know, I’m a little bit in love with the Wizard Of Oz. I own pretty much all of the heels from the Irregular Choice Wizard Of Oz collection. I say almost because IC released a new version of Think Of Home (Aptly named Think Of Home Again) in November last year. I really wanted someone to do a comparison of the new version and the old. I asked Irregular Choice if I could do it and they said yes!! I know!! I was loaned Think Of Home Again for a week. You can find out everything that you need to know about the two different versions in my review.

Disney Is Turning 100 – But It’s Drippy

The Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio contracted with a distributor for the Alice Comedies in 1923 marking the start of The Walt Disney Company, 100 years ago. To celebrate, Disney has brought out a range of platinum merch. There is a new Loungefly of course which features a dripping metal design that everyone seems to love but that I really can’t stand to look at. It must be some form of OCD or something but I cant bare that the drip is just there never going to fall. Anyways, overshare, I’m sure everyone else thinks the bag is amazing.

Disney 100 Platinum Loungefly
Disney 100 Platinum Loungefly

There are matching ears and ears hat, again with the drips (we won’t go back there again) but these were limited release and have sold out. They also came with a hefty price tag of £157 for the ears and £175 for the ears hats (did they just pick random amounts?).

For those who didn’t manage to get/couldn’t afford the drippy ears, we do have alternatives. I much prefer these. I’m calling them the 100 purple epcot ears and ears hat. I think they’re really cute and honestly don’t mind that they look like the Epcot ball. To get around the drippy Loungefly, I have two alternative suggestions below, both sequins, although I’m sure they’ll be an 100th sequin Loungefly at some point.

The release also includes plush, clothing, a Spirit Jersey (only the child’s is on the website at the moment) and a Dooney that I would definetly buy if I could afford it. A series of pins was released this morning too. You can find it all on the shopDisney website, with some pieces only available to pre-order.

Purple Celebration Sequin Is Coming Back

Purple Sequin Celebration Loungeflt Exclusive to Truffle Shuffle
Purple Sequin Celebration Loungeflt Exclusive to Truffle Shuffle

I know a lot of people love the Disney 100th Loungefly but for me, I just can’t deal with those drips. I do have a couple of great alternative Loungeflys though if you want to get into the platinum celebration spirit. The first is the Celebration Purple Loungefly.

I think this would look so good with the Spirit Jersey and those purple and silver ears and it’s about to be restocked on TruffleShuffle on the 5th January.

So Is the LASR Holographic

LASR Holograpghic Loungeflt Exclusive to Truffle Shuffle sequin
LASR Holograpghic Loungeflt Exclusive to Truffle Shuffle

My second chpoice instead of the 100th Loungefly is also making a TruffleShuffle is also making a restock comeback. The LASR Holographic Sequin. It’s one of those bags that I really didn’t think I needed but once I got it I had no regrets. I think it’s going to look great with the 100 clebration colours.

It’s listed on TruffleShuffle as a 11th January return but you can sign up for notifications.

Bed Of Roses And Men’s Shoes Return

The Irregular Choice sub brand Bed Of Roses has made a return. We’ve not seen any releases under this label for a while but it’s back with a brand new swanky box and hightops and boots that all have names inspired by the Big Smoke.

I know many have been asking for Irregular Choice to release men’s shoes once more and that range is back too with two new designs. The goes cover sizes 40 to 46.

Monsters Book Of Monsters

Harry Potter fans, when you said you wanted to read more in 2023 was this what you meant? How fluffy is this new Loungefly collection, that is exclusive to GeekCore. There’s a mini backpack, book biting fantastic crossbody and zip araound wallet. All three are available now on the GeekCore website.

Harry Potter Monsters Book Of Monsters Loungefly Exclusive to GeekCore
Harry Potter Monsters Book Of Monsters Loungefly Exclusive to GeekCore

More Loungefly Exclusives

Get Ready Comics have also been very busy getting us those exclusive Loungefly over the holidays too. These include the very very very cute Russell (someone please give me an excuse to buy hm when i have three Up bags already), the light up Iron Man and a Stranger Things bag (don’t ask me about this one, I ain’t seen it). You can find all of these and many more on the Get Ready Comics website.

Even Even More Loungefly Exclusives

And we’re still not done with the Loungefly news because Pop Figures gave us three new exclusives for the holidays too. This time we have a seriously beautiful Pinocchio crossbody which looks like one of those classic and classy handbags. It even comes with a scarf. It’s on my list of things I really really want. There was also a new Winnie The Pooh All Over Print (AOP) and a very snuggly Baloo.

Emerald Sequin

One of the most popular bags of 2022 it would seem, a number of stockists have had a restock of the Emerald Green Sequin Loungefly. The include Get Ready Comics, Truffle Shuffle and Pop Figures.

Loungefly Emerald Green Sequin

Feburary Pre-Orders

Love ’em or hate ’em, Loungefly pre-orders are here to stay and I love some of the bags we have coming in February. I am obsessed with with pastel polka dots minnie. I’ve pre-ordered the backpack but i desperately want the crossbody too. I don’t feel I can justify both but I have so so so many cute spring outfit ideas for them. I’m also loving the Jetsons mini backpack too. I have the perfect look for it. Pre-orders are currently available at Get Ready Comics and Pop Figures.

You can find a full gallery of what is coming at the end of this newsletter (I stole the images from Get Ready Comics. Get Ready Comics used to sponser my pre-order Loungefly guides when I did them early last year.) Does anyone want a comeback?

Did You Know

That shopDisney UK now has a seperate outlet? It’s on a different website to the main online store but you can still use the same account and login. There’s so many many great finds in there and I’m thinking it’s were all sales stock will end up. You can find it here.

Top Find

Get Ready Comics have the Snow White cake crossbody for a barain £29.99. I know there was a lot of negativity around these bags when they were released but i have the Tangled version and I absolutley love it. It’s going to be my birthday every year so i’ll always have birthday cake. You can find the bag and many other bargains on the Get Ready Comics website.

Bargain Loungefly at Get Ready Comics

Sales, Deals & Bargains

  • The shopDisney sale is always good and this year is no exception. Even if you were like me and missed out on the Main Attraction Loungefly for £23 there’s still lots of great deals to be had. The Ms Marvel dress is now a bargain £24, the Marvel Women dress £20 and you can get the Bambi Spirit Jersey for just under £28.
  • Purple Flamingo Vintage have 50% off Irregular Choice but go quickly because they’re selling out fast
  • Lottie’s Atik has further discount on their sale with a lot styles included.
  • Don’t forget to check out the Rockamilly sale too.
  • Plus there’s also the Irregular Choice official sale of course.
  • TruffleShuffle have up to 50% off a wide range of different brands including some bargain Unique Vintage. This includes two of my favourite skirts ever (if you take a look at the Wizard Of Oz one you might spot someone familiar)
  • Pop Figures have some really great Loungefly bargains in their January sale including many many many bags for £50 or less.
  • Geekcore also have so so many discounted Loungefly in their sale including these three crossbodies for under £35 each.

Loungefly February Pre-Orders Gallery

Images are from Get Ready Comics

A Note For Stockists Of Any Size

If you have a release or offer that you would like featured in this newsletter then please feel free to let the know. At the moment what is included is only things that I have found myself so often things are missed. You can contact me at any time at

I have Disneyland Paris trips booked for January, March and June so far in 2023. If you would like to loan me any products I will gladly create content for it and return the item as good as new.

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