Irregular News – Issue 16 120122

Hello. It’s me. I’ve been too busy playing Oz dress up to write what news there’s been.

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Very Important Dates

  • Thursday 13th Janurary – Erstwilder Paris Holiday Various times. You can find my launch guide here.
  • Monday 17th January 8am – shopdisney 2022 free with qualifying purchses over £20
shopDisney 2022 Key

Welcome to 2022.

It’s a bit late i know, but welcome to a whole new year. Do you have an resolutions? My goal for 2022 is to not buy any new clothes, only second hand, a hard task when you’re a styling blogger but i have a few ideas up my sleeves. Expect to hear more about this in the coming weeks.

Let’s Go To Paris

So, I’ve binged watched season 2 of Emily In Paris and it was OK but I’m far more excited about Erstwilder in Paris. The Erstwilder Paris Holiday collection launches tomorrow (in the very early hours). My launch guide with UK stockist times is complete and online now. You’re welcome.

Erstwilder Paris Holiday

There’s some peices that i seriously need! It’s such a beautiful collection. I don’t do reviews of my Erstwilder purchases usually. Should I start? Do you want to see more of it? I do have so many outfit ideas for this collection so I think I’ll do some outfit boards.

Spring Into Spring Time are already moving on to spring, be gone winter, with the first of Irregular Choice SS22 for sale. I don’t want to share the actual images as I’m not sure if they’re being naughty but they are an official stockist. Is this a spoiler? Who knows, I’ve purposly made my screenprint of their site quite small but it’s up to you if you wish to take a peek. I can tell you that I’m very excited about this colour palatte. I’m obsessed with the fluffly bunny (not a euphemism).

Irregular Choice on

Guess Who’s Back! Arrrghh.

In 2020 i recorded the passage of time with Minnie Mouse The Main Attraction releases from Shopdisney. The amount of stress and torture we all put ourselves through for a bag. It was pretty crazy and I think it’s taken me a year to recover. Just in time for it all to start again, this time with Mickey Mouse. It has been confirmed that Loungefly mini backpacks and ears will be pafrt of the collection that covers the same attractions as the Minnie Mouse version. There are images of the first two bags (Space Mountain and Pirates Of The Carribbean) floating around but no release date yet. Do i need to start an MMMA support group to help us all get through the next two months.

Mickey Mouse The Main Attraction from

If you want to see what might be in store then i do have a page dedicated to the Minnie Mouse collection.

Mickey Mouse The Main Attraction coming soon to shopDisney

I’m All About The Puff

12 days into my clothing buying ban and I’m already feeling the pain because I seriously want one of Cakeworthy’s new puff sleeve dresses. Mary Poppins and Sleeping Beauty are my favourite but there’s also Beauty And The Beast and Harry Potter dresses to. I think they’re going to be high impact pieces that will look so good on (if anyone buys one in a 10 and wants to sell it on a few months let me know). I also love the denim print jackets too. Cakeworthy is available from Rockamilly and TruffleShuffle.

Get Your Hearts On

Rockamilly are also kicking off this year’s ode to the red love heart, with the first of the valentines apparel from Unique Vintage available for pre-order (and again, I’m cursing my new clothing ban). I’m not sure that the Smak Parlour love heart dress would suit me but i do love it. I’m also obsessed with the Alpca and Camping dresses. Someone buy them all so that I can live through you.

Pico & Nico

Irregular Choice are not quite done with aw21 yet. There’s new exclusive Pico and Nico available online now. Both come under the Bed Of Roses brand and are available in two different floral colours.

Don’t Care About Rainy Weather Now

Yes, Christmas is over but gingerbread is for life right? A very sweet looking Loungefly exclusive has finally made it to our shores and is available on Funko Europe. I’m so torn about whether I need the Gingerbread mini backpack or not but if you it’s worth checking the sales section as the matching ears are now reduced to £15.

The OSH!

I took a few minutes out of my busy shoe trying on schedule when I was at Carnaby Street last month to check out the OSH! I warm fluffy contender to compete with Oodie but with an Irregular dino print twist. It’s so so fluffy and seeing it in person really made me want one. Maybe if I get to Carnaby Street again for my birthday at the end of the month I may have to take another look. It’s one size fits all and I didn’t want to try it on in the covid climate but I did get a photo holding it and it’s very long and cozy. Perfect for winter nights (and days, I seriously live in my onsie when I’m not doing outfit photos).

Sales, Deals & Bargains

There’s so many bargains in the Funko Europe Loungefly sale at the moment and every time i check there’s something new. My current favourites are the seriously cute 101 Dalmations anniversary cosplay for £45, a bargain Snow Minnie also £45 and the Toy Story Jessie cosplay for £53.

The Irregular Choice sale is ongoing and there’s some great reductions. Fright Night are reduced by £110 to £165, Paint A Santa are £65, Oooh Spooky £79.99 and Colourful Kingdom £69.99.

Unique Vintage fans might be placed to hear that some of their pieces have hit the TruffleShuffle sale. The Casper skirt is now £48.74, the Jaws dress is now £65 (this would look soooo good with the Bite Me Irregular Choice boots) and the My Little Pony skirt is now £63.99.

In TruffleShuffle Loungefly news, the bargain of the week goes to the Positively Minnie Polka Dot Crossbody Wristlet at £27.49. I might need to get the Dumbo 80th Anniversary crossbody as a birthday gift for myself at £45.49 (Unless someone out there loves me and wants to get me it. Worth a try!) and the Peter Pan scenes exclusive has gone right down to £41.99.

There is so many sales going on at the moment that it’s too much for a newsletter. I’ll do my very best to try to gather them all for you for a Friday Finds special on.. well. Friday. Until then, love to you all.

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