Irregular Choice Oz – A quick pre launch guide

Dreams do come true. Irregular Choice is off to Oz. Sure, we’ve had No Place Like Home sequin heels and the Over The Rainbow bag (that matches Summer Of Love) in the past but this time it’s an actual proper Wizard Of Oz collection.


The collection launches at noon on Friday 17th December direct from Irregular Choice and from the stockists at the end of this guide.

What’s Being Released

Six items from the collection have been teased so far so I thought we’d take a look at each. This is not the full collection by any means. I’m guessing the full range is going to be quite sizeable (Or at least as big as Dr Suess hopefully).

Once I’m done with what we know I’ll take a stab at what else we might expect to see and then if you keep going to the end you’ll finda list of all known UK stockists ready for you to get your Oz on (Literally).

Before we start can we just take a moment to worship the collection box and sole. They are both pretty epic.

Let’s Hit The Road Boots

Emerald City!!! I’m trying really hard not to sing the song from Wicked. I love these boots. So much so that I knew them even before I met them.

Remember when we all stuck in our houses and Irregular Choice told us to do some colouring in? Well, I drew this. Great minds think alike right!

My colouring on the right

Yellow brick roads, rainbows, a motley crew of four (no Toto on this one sadly), glitter, embroidered poppies, 3D letters and a light up Emerald City. What more could anyone need? There’s even an on and off switch (it doesn’t say if they’re chargeable).

My only slight issue is that I do wish that Dorothy and Tim Man were stood in the path rather than the grass on the right boot. They’ve been moved up to fit in the writing of course but it ruins the perspective a little for me. Also, the basket has vanished on the other shoe. I still love them though.

Back zip boots have a tendency to be too wide for me so I have everything crossed that they’ll fit. The boot uses the same high block heel as Arise, Pooch Perfect and Building love.

  • Sizing – 36 to 46
  • Heel Height – 8.6cm

Let’s Hit The Road Bag

Back to Emerald City, with the front of the bag being a perfect match to the Let’s Hit The Road boots above. I love that they’ve added pink tones to this that are not on the boot and a large amount of red sequins. . The reverse shows Dorothy and Toto about to start off on the Yellow Brick road in beautiful Technicolor.

The two top handle tote bag is a classic style from Irregular Choice. There have been so many over the years and I own quite a few of them. I have to admit that I do prefer the double zip compartment variety as you can fit more stuff in but both are a great size for when you have a lot of junk to carry. I can fit my surface pro, tripod, drink, change of outfit and flat shoes in one of these quite easily.

The bag lights up with an on/off switch (no mention of it being chargeable) and has a detachable shoulder strap in a pretty good to match the handles. I’m not as keen on the side Wizard Of Oz badges below the strap hooks because it’s a different colour yellow to the front but I do really want this bag.

  • Size – 42cmx34cmx21cm

Poppy Fields

Poppy Fields to me look like that type of shoe that looks simple from a far but when you taker a closer look there is so much detail. Based on a Nick Of Time, these are high heels with attitude.

We have a Poppy background, embroidered writing (“Toto I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore” on one and “Somewhere over the rainbow” on the other). Then we have Dorothy and Toto (yeah, Toto) on both shoe with a little 3D weaved basket. We’ve not finished yet. Deep breath. Next we blue bows on the front, yellow ribbon trim and a whole load of red and gold glitter.

I suspect that these might be a pair that photos don’t do justice. I’m excited about seeing these in real life.

  • Sizing – 36 to 46
  • Heel Height – 9.2cm

Road Trip

We have flats people!! High top trainers in the same style as Oooh Spooky and You-er Than You which means they are mist like true to size if not a little wide.

Each shoe is the same but in reverse so on booth we have Dorothy,Toto and Scarecrow on the outside in front of an Oz backdrop whilst the inside of the shoe shows the lion and tin man in front of the spooky spooky woods. I’m calling it now, we are going to see some very interesting feet poses on Instagram with everyone trying to get all four characters in shot. I think I would have cut the over image of the characters so that it didn’t go over the back seem but that’s a minor gripe.

Can we talk about the laces. They are wide and gingham and I am obsessed. They go so well with the matching chunky sole. The pink and yellow tones that really match the Let’s Hit The Road bag. I think it’s going to be the must have bag.

  • Sizing – 35 to 46

Think Of Home

A Wizard Of Oz collection with some red sparkly shoes and we have them in Think Of Home. The same basic shoe as a Ban Joe, these kids heels are covered in red sequins with a gem filled red bow that lights up.

I’m a big fan of two-way sequins on IC shoes but I’m really glad these are red on both sides. I think it would have ruined the look if another was added. The lights do have an on/off switch but there’s no mention if they are chargeable.

I’m not as keen on the side heart patches (one with the Wizard Of Oz logo and the other showing the Fab Four) and I think these are ones I need to see in person against the rest of the collection so it’s a maybe at the moment for me.

  • Sizing – 36 to 46
  • Heel height – 7.2cm

Good, Bad & Fabulous Bag

I really wanted to love this bag, I really did. The top handle doctor style bag I think is the most popular style that Irregular Choice do. It always sells out the fastest and I’m sure this one won’t be any exception but there’s a deal breaker for me with this one.

I’m going to try and do this as one of those negative sandwich things which you slice the bad but in between two positives.

Irregular Choice Wizard Of Oz Good, Bad & Fabulous Bag

I love the sequins. The red is of course icon for this collection and goes so well with the Think Of Home shoes. It even has the same red bow and gems.

My issue with this bag is actually the image used of Dorothy. I did a bit of Googling and found similar images of Judy Garland during the wardrobe, hair and makeup testing. she never had this look in the film but it looks like some of these test images were used in the original art work, perhaps to appease those who wanted Shirley Temple in the role (which she almost got). The Dorothy Gale we know and love in the movie is spunky, down to earth and vivacious. She’s not a little girl with ringlets. I know it’s just an image that won’t bother most but I personally just can’t get on board with it sadly.

Back to a positive. I do love that both witches are included on the front and I do love the back. Again, it shows all three women direct from the movie when Dorothy comes face to face with the Wicked Witch Of The West (Or the very lovely Elphaba, depending on who you believe). I watched a tv show about Walt Disney designing the first Disneyland castle the other day and when it wasn’t working, they turned it around and perfection. That’s what I’d like to do with this bag, make the back the front. I guess I could just wear it backwards but I really want the bow on the other side.

As always with this style, it does have the double fastening clasp, a hinged opening and a detachable shoulder strap.

Don’t Add Water Socks

I only own a few pairs (maybe 5 or 6) of Irregular Choice socks but I can tell you now that these are a must for me. I live the Wicked Witch stripes with the lace and ribbon, such a contrast but I think it works.

The socks are a one size fits all from sizes 37 to 40 and they do usually have quite a bit of stretch. I’ve had issues with the colours running in the past so I’d wash them carefully with a colour run sheet.

  • Sizing – One Size (37 – 40)

What else?

So, that’s everything that we know so far. What else do you think might be in the collection?

At the moment I’m thinking that there probably is not going to be a new character heel. I really hope that I am wrong but I think if there was one it would have most likely have been included in the teasers. Character heels tend to create more hype for a launch so I would have expected it have seen one already but maybe they’re just keeping the best until last.

There’s most likely going to be a Dazzle Razzle style 6cm heel and if past collections are any sort of indicator then we’ll see the Wicked Witch here or on a flat maybe (I really hope we see her) We haven’t seen a Lucite style heel yet either and I’m really hoping there is one (although No Place Like Home and Shirley Bass has it covered if not). If there’s a cleared heel I will die (and my bank balance will cry) but, as with the character heel, I think that would have been in the teasers.

All recent major collections have included either sliders or slippers so I’d would expect to see one or the other as well more of a Checking It Twice or Iced type trainer to go along with the high tops. I’m really hoping that we get at least one Emerald Green design.

We already have to bags but there’s pretty much always a pouch/crossbody style bag and a purse (which is often exclusive to Irregular Choice). Are we going to get one of the massive bags? I don’t know but the socks suggest that we have more accessories to come so I really really really need there to be some tights. Irregular Choice tights are expensive but they are so worthy it. I think I have around 50 pairs and they look so good with everything. The Let’s Hit The Road bag as a necklace and scarf too please.

I don’t want much do I?

UK Stockists

Irregular Choice as well as the Brighton and Carnaby Street stores.

Other confirmed stockists are:

Daisy Mae Boutique

Eclectic (eBay)

Eclectic (Amazon)

Eclectic/Unrulyu (website)

Kiss Shoes

Lotties Attic

Lovely Boutique

Purple Flamingo Vintage


Shoe Emporium Mansfield

You can also try the following who usually get new collections but have not stated that they will have the Oz collection:

Atom Retro

Captain Jellyfish (Used to be Eshoes)

You can find my Irregular Choice full UK stockist list here.

Best of luck, I hope you manage to get what you want and that all of your Oz dreams come true.

Love Sarah x

P.S. If you’re a little bored waiting for the launch, my latest newsletter is a Wizard Of Oz special.

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