Irregular Choice Barking Mad Launch Guide

Who let the dogs out?  Why, Irregular Choice, that’s who!!    I remember a few years ago that all the Irregular Choice cats are cute but where are the dogs?  Well, now we finally have our very own Canine heel with the Barking Mad collection which launces at 12 mid day on Friday 27th August.

I wanted people to be able to see the guide as soon as the shoes launch but I won’t be able to take photos until after Midday so they will be added later in the day along with sizing advice.  Until then, please enjoy the descriptions and prices below along with the stockist list.


12 noon (GMT) on Friday 26th August 2021.


At Irregular Choice of course as well as the Manchester, Brighton and Carnaby Street stores.

Other confirmed stockists are:

Daisy Mae Boutique

Eclectic (eBay)

Eclectic (Amazon)

Lotties Attic

Lovely Boutique

Purple Flamingo Vintage


Shoe Emporium Mansfield

You can find my Irregular Choice full UK stockist list here.

New Character Heel

The second new character heel this month, I have some serious puppy love for this little pooch. I want to say he’s a Spaniel, I may be wrong, but regardless of breed he is seriously so adorable (I don’t know his name as of yet but I’m guessing he is a boy based on the box design). Those puppy dog ears and his little tail!! He’s not quite as cute as my little Cholate Lab (No one is) but he is a very very close second. I just want to stroke his fluffy ears.

Irregular Choice Barking Mad New Character Heel

He has three styles of shoes, two with different colourways so five different versions in total.  He’s height of 9cm is the same as Lammies and places hm on the lower end of character heels and the same height as a Nick Of Time pretty much.  He looks quite wide so should be pretty sturdy because of that base but I’ll let you know fully once I’ve tried them on.  The base is different colours on different styles with red, pink and black.


Our first shoe in the collection is the turquoise design you’ve seen in the preview, but it also comes in a black colourway.  The glitter upper is very much the Kanjanka style with the little lip and is covered in pretty embroidery flowers and butterflies along with a pretty little Corgi.  I love the colour combinations.

  • Sizing – 36 to 43. I found these very generous and needed to size down.
  • Heel Height – 9cm
  • Price – £159

Top Dog

My favourite of the collection.  We’re in the dog house, literally.  One shoe shows a dog house on the front, set in a garden complete with picket fence, dog bowl, flowers and hedges.  The second shoe has a different design with a grey Bulldog, complete with spikey collar, waiting in the grass to claim his Top Dog title.  At the time of writing, I haven’t seen the shoes in person but I think these are going to be my favourite.

  • Sizing – 36 to 43. These were the most generous of the the character heels. I needed to size down.
  • Heel Height – 9cm
  • Price – £159

It’s All Pawisable

Our final shoe is just perfect for autumn. A two little tartan numbers in both bordo/yellow and grey/blue/black. We have the vampire teeth V front like Nick Of Time’s but a juicy 3D bone takes the place of a bow. White on the bordo and gold on the grey. I do love the pattern but this style feels the most disjoined to me. They may be very different in person, sometimes that contrasting styles really works and they are the cheapest of the collection so I’m sure they’ll sell well. I will be reserving judgement until I’ve seen them in person. Update, I’ve seen them in person now and they’re stunning. It was a tough choice between these and Too Dog.

  • Sizing – 36 to 43. I found these very generous and needed to size down.
  • Heel Height – 9cm
  • Price – £139

Pooch Perfect

Dalmatian heaven. I so so so many outfits that would go with these beautiful soft boots. They’re have such amazing attention to detail with the collar, paw print tag, 3D nose and little eye lashes. No character heel this time but remind me a lot of the Bite Me shark books and I think are certainly going to make an impact. They come in black & white and pink and are the same basic boot as Full Of Cheer, Intergalactic and Ginger’s House.

  • Size – 36 to 43. These shoes are very very generous. Even sizing down I still needed insoles. I think I could have sized down twice.
  • Heel Height – 8.6cm
  • Price – £129


An Irregular Choice exclusive, we have a flat for those who love dogs but can’t do heels. A very similar design to Bougainvillea, the shoes also come in turquoise and black and have the same glitter and embroidery. The shoes are part of the Iconic range and so have the Iconic box and sole.

  • Size – 36 to 43
  • Price – £115

Grooming Fabulous

This bag!! If you love the design of the autumn/winter 21 box then you’re seriously going to love this.  Our gorgeous new best friend is front and centre sat on his little chair in his very well styled doghouse. Does anyone else find themselves needing a pig clock and yellow stripe heart wallpaper?  The back of the bag has the Home Sweet Home bone design that’s on the sole of this season’s shoe against purple short haired faux fur with seriously fluffy blue sides.  The barrel style handbag is the same style as Rockpool, Charming and Live To Have Fun so the sizings are taken from these.

  • Price – £109
  • Size – 29 x 18 x 12 cm

Ulti-Mutt Bestie

I need this coin purse so much. The adorable brown and white dog from the heel is back and he is seriously so cute with his embroidery heat and gold detail. The zip runs down the side which gives more room and can fit more in than you’d think. I like to stick a clutch strap on the zip of these purses and use them like a mini bag.

  • Price – £29.99


Anyone who follows me with know I am a massive massive fan of Irregular Choice tights.  I haven’t counted but I must have 30 or 40 pairs.  They are on the thick side but they really do last.  I have washed mine so many times and I’ve never had a ladder in any of them.  I love this dog version.  I can’t wait to see these with the new shoes but the great thing about Irregular Choice tights is that they are great with a plain shoe too.  They help you get the look of the Barking Mad collection if you can’t afford the shoes.

  • Size – One size up to UK 16
  • Price – £26.99
Irregular Choice Dog Days tights


The final offerings of the collection, just to add to the look. Our cute little guy is back for a final time in the same pattern as the tights.

  • Price – £12.50

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