Irregular Choice – Scooby-Doo

Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you?
You’re on the IC website
Scooby look at you, on my shoe
Now let’s do Halloween right

Irregular Choice Scooby do is happening and I am so so so so excited. So excited that I’ve been making up new versions of the song for days!!

When & Where?

Friday 30th September at 12 noon. The collection will launch at on the Irregular Choice website as well as the Irregular Choice stores. There are also a number of UK stockists who will have this collection, you can find a lit of them at the end of this guide.

Irregular Choice Scooby-Doo Collection

What’s Being Released?

So far, five pairs of shoes, two bags, a purse and two pairs of tights have been revealed. I’m not expecting there to be any further reveals before the launch and as we haven’t had a character heel preview I’m thinking it is unlikely that we will have one.

Irregular Choice Scooby-Doo Collection

We don’t know how big this collection is or what surprises are left but there are a few pieces that we usually see in a collab that we haven’t yet. There’s usually always a Ban Joe hight heel and something with the Nick Of Time base as well as the more ‘trainer’ style trainer along with the high top we’ve already seen. I would be expecting a larger size bag too. The last few collections have had accompanying jewellery so we might see some of that too although this is often released at a later date. As of yet, there are no Irregular Choice exclusives but the webite isn’t always right about this.

Irregular Choice Scooby-Doo Collection

The Box

Irregular Choice Scooby-Doo Collection Box

You can just about make out the sole using the 360 viewer on the website but not enough to share a screen grab.

Mystery Inc

  • Size 36 to 43
  • Heel height 10.7cm with 3cm platform
  • Light Up headlights
  • On/off button but likely not chargeable
  • Matches the Mystery On Our Hands bag
  • Same base shoe as Tazmanian Whirlwind and Balloons And Cake
  • Usually true to size but on the wider side
  • 4646-04a

Hold On Gang

  • Size 36 to 41
  • Heel height 11.5cm with 3.5cm platform
  • Light Up headlights and windows
  • Unknown if there is an on/off button but likely not chargeable
  • Matches the Jeepers Creepers bag
  • Same base shoe as Everybody Loves You and Night And Day
  • Usually true to size
  • 4206-12a
  • (Side note: My favourite style of shoe)

Ruh Roh!

  • Size 36 to 43
  • Heel height 9.7cm
  • Tie ribbons with bat detail
  • Same base shoe as Good Seed
  • Usually true to size but a little on the snug side
  • 4644-02a

Where Are You!

  • Size 36 to 46
  • Extended sizes
  • Heel height 6cm
  • Same base shoe as Lasy River and Summer Breeze
  • Usually true to size but can be a little wide
  • 4136-94a
  • (Side note: Why is it an exclamation mark in the name instead of a question mark?)


  • Size 36 to 46
  • Extended sizes
  • Mirror colours on each shoe
  • Same base shoe as as It’s Always Sunny and Walk It Out
  • Usually true to size but can be a little wide
  • 4125-41a

Mystery On Our Hands Bag

  • Light Up headlights
  • On/off button but likely not chargeable
  • Dimensions approx. 24 x 24 x 8cm
  • Detachable adjustable strap 60-120cm
  • Matches the Mystery Inc shoes
  • Brand new design for this collection
  • b216-01a

Jeepers Creepers Bag

  • Dimensions approx. 23 x 24 x 10cm
  • Detachable adjustable strap (no measurement but assumed 60-120cm)
  • Matches the Hold On Gang shoes
  • Same bag shape as Bricks And Pieces and Your Move
  • b130-11a

Scooby Snacks Purse

  • Dimensions approx. 26 x 9.5 x 2cm
  • (Side note: I like to clip wrist straps through the zipper on this style and use them as a little wristlet)


  • Purple design called Where Are You, ictights04z
  • Pink design called Those Meddling Kids, ictights04aa
  • One size fits up to UK size 16
  • 85% Polyamide, 15% Spandex

UK Stockists

Irregular Choice as well as the Brighton store. The shops are always my first call when looking for a hard to find item from a new collection. Sadly we only have Brighton left at the moment but I’m sure they’re going to be just as amazingly helpful.

Other confirmed stockists are:

Daisy Mae Boutique

Eclectic (eBay)

Eclectic (Amazon)

Eclectic/Unrulyu (website)

Lotties Attic

Lovely Boutique

Purple Flamingo Vintage


Rockamilly Bristol (Facebook)

Shoe Emporium

You can also try the following who usually get new collections but have not stated that they will have the Scooby-Doo collection:

Atom Retro

Captain Jellyfish (Used to be Eshoes)

Kiss Shoes

You can find my Irregular Choice full UK stockist list here.

A small number of the links in this guide are affiliated links which give me a small amount of store credit in exchange for your purchase. I don’t state which as I don’t want to influence your purchasing choices but more information can be provided by emailing me at

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