This could be the start of something…

I know this blog was originally set up for to document my running adventures but lately I’ve struggled even doing 5k due to my illness. Hopefully after lockdown I’ll be able to push through with races as motivation (I’ve entered Brighton marathon 2021) but until then i need something to stop me going crazy.

Irregular Choice Roarsum Godzille character heel
Irregular Choice Roarsum

I’ve turned to my other true love, shoes. Specifically Irregular Choice shoes. I have over 500 Irregular Choice shoes, bags and accessories so have decided to start reviewing them. You can can find the first two reviews for Roarsum, a Godzilla heel shoe, and the beautiful Phoenix inspired Arise shoe online now. I’ve also thrown in a a few IC life hacks that make my shoe life so much easier. You can find everything here.

I’ve also set up an Irregular Voice facebook page and instagram (mostly to keep shoes separate for everyone who is getting bored of seeing them).

I have 10 more reviews ready to edit so expect some new content very soon. Maybe I’ll do 52 reviews in 52 weeks this year.

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