Return of the Bass?

Just over a week ago, Irregular Choice announced a series of ‘Being Backs’. Four iconic shoes that would return reimagined. Our first clue was followed a few days later by the release of Poker Joker in three new colours!! You can read my reveiw of them here. All of the shoes are returning as Irregular Choice exclusives and so far we’ve had the same prices that they originally sold for.

We didn’t have to wait long for clues of the next three. The very next day Irregular Choice shared this:

Irregular Choice Bring Backs Teaser 2

Then the world exploded. The rainbow with the clouds have to be Shirely Bass. Along with Poker Joker, Shirley Bass has one of the highest resale values with pairs that had an rrp for maybe £165 selling for well over £500. Due to this very high price I’ve always felt that they where overated but for rrp i think I might finally be able to see why everyone else is so obsessed with them. I can’t wait to see how they are going to change them and are we going to get three different colours like we did with Poker Joker? It’s all very exciting.

As for the other two clues. I guessed the scatter of toys and Toy Box hightops. This was confirmed two days ago with the next teaser:

The little mushroom guy and dotty fabric is an exact match of the mushroom is an exact match for Toy Box. The sole however is not. It’s more similar to the new trainer sole:

Some clever people pointed out that we’ve also had a high top type shoe with this same new trainer sole. Both Count Catula and Good Boy, so there’s still hope. It does look like the dotty pattern only covers the toes so will be interesting to see. We only have just over an hour to wait.

As expected there’s a bit less of a buzz than we saw for Poker Joker as I think most people are holding out for Shirley Bass and the triangle possible Pandas. My initial guess too was Pin Yin with plack and white pattern but I’m thinking now that it may just be wishful thinking. There are so many other clues they could have used for a shoe that has nothing to do with triangles. I did find a few other traingle contenders on the shoe chat we got a few years ago:

Trek Astroid

But then someone shared a photo of Trek Astroid and it all made sense. The clue is completely a direct visual even down to the neon colours of the traingles. They’re not a shoe I’ve ever considered but I quite like them. If this is right though there’s going to be some disapppointed Panda people.

What does everyone think? Do you agree or do you have your own theories? Personally, I’m just enjoying the opporuntity to play shoe dectective and getting some new Poker Jokers was a very very nice added bonus.

The next release is at 12 noon today on the Irregular Choice website.

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