Erstwilder Designer Bags – Launch Guide

Yes, you heard (or read even) right folks, Erstwilder are releasing a collection of bags and purses to match some of our favourite characters. I’m so excited. Hopefully here’s everything you need to know about the launch.

What’s Being Released?

Ten pieces in total. Three coin purses, four hip bags (crossbody), two top handle bags and a tote featuring five different caharachters/designs. We have Flora Fox, Babette Bee, Elissa The Indie Cat and a little bit of Betty Jo Sparrow and Martyoshka thrown in. All of the collection is vegan friendly and looks stunning so far in photos (There is due to be a live vdeo that will be online tomorrow according to Erstwilder’s social media).

A lot of the questions seemed to have been concerning the price points and we do have the prices in Australian dollars for the collection reveal. Using google currency conversions (which may not be completely accurate), the coin purses would be around £25, the hip bags range from £35 to £45, the tote would be around £50 asnd the top handle bags around £70. The prices are actually better than i expected and are compareable with companies like Yoshi and Vendulla. I of course, tlike the most expensive thing as always, the Flora Fox, but I quite like both of the Elissa bags too.

You can watch a video of the entire launch on Erstwilder’s facebook page but there’s a few screenshots below if you scroll on down. Erstwilder have also announced that they’ll be a live video of the collection on their social media tomorrow too.

Erstwilder Designer Bags Collection

Do they sell out?

Yes. I’m thinking these will go super fast. Hopefully I’m wrong but it’s such a small collection. Hopefully the stockists have lots and lots but it’s hard to know with something new.

*Update* Erstwilder have confirmed that this is a very limited launch. There will be a second release of the same bags in 2 to 3 months time.

Do not pass go, do not breathe. Well keep breathing, don’t die, but you know, move as quickly as humanly possible. Use the list of stockist times below and be logged in to any accounts and papal where ever possible. Pick your favourite and go for it or else you risk missing out altogether.

Erstwilder Designer Bags Collection

Where and when

The range officially launches at 12:30PM (AEDT) Tuesday but UK stockists have a range of launch times.

Quite a few of the usually stockists haven’t stated on their social medai if they’ll be stocking the collection. I will try to chase as many as possible tomorrow and will update the list as and when. Some stockists have changed their times for this launch. So far, these are the stockists and times that are confirmed:

Tuesday 23rd March


Cherry Vintage

Daisy Park

Piccadilly Lilly

Rosie Sorrell

Thunder Egg


Rockamilly – They’ve also done a release guide (*for 10% discount scroll to the bottom)


Lottie & Lu


Carnation Retro

Between 9am and 10 am

Out Of The Blue

*If you’re a new Rockamilly customer and you’d like 10% discount on your order you can use this code –  REBEL27

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