A few months ago we saw a few photos of a new blue sequin Loungefly bag coming soon to Disney Parks. At the time i can’t say that i was too impressed. I didn’t like the silver on the pockets and I already have the Peter Pan MMMA so when I slept in one day and woke to find that shopDisney had released the bag and it was already sold out i was a wasn’t too bothered. I wanted the wristlet but wasn’t fussed at all about the backpack.

Then i saw the real life photos. I’m so very thankfully to a very lovely person called Fran who sold it to me for retail because this bag is stunning. Maybe even more so than Peter Pan. You can see them together in my unboxing video below:

First of, I love that the sales of the bag are supporting the Make A Wish Foundation. $500,000 is going to be donated to the charity. The silver bits that actually put me of the bag originally are also my favourite parts. I love the embossed stars and the bag is a much brighter vibrant blue than Pan.

More detailed photos