In 2022, two Tinkerbell Loungefly were realeased in the UK at the same time. Tink with a face and Tink with wings (we’ll call them Tink F and Tink w). I couldn’t decide between the two which got me thinking that maybe others couldn’t either so I contacted the stockists, Get Ready Comics and Geekcore, and asked if I could borrow both for a Tink battle. Thay both said yes.

Both bags cost £79.99 and are available now. Tink F from Get Ready Comics and Tink W from Geekcore. You can save 15% at Geekcore using code ‘Sarah15’.

Round One

The unboxing.

Unboxing Two Loungefly Tinkerbell

Round Two

A detailed photo comparison of both bags in natural lighting.

Round Three

Styling. How do both bags do against a number of different outfit styles?