Irregular Choice released the Sushi collection, a collaboration with the Australian clothing company Sarsparilly, on 24th April 2020.

There’s a planned release of further items, currently time unknown, but at present, seven different shoes (four of which have two colourways), two bags, a purse, tights and socks have been released. 16 different items in total.

This review is of the Sushi Dreams bag, Bento Baby shoes, the Bento tights and the I’m Soy Into You purse (my current favourite thing ever). You can watch a video of the unboxing and a quick review and size comparisson below. If you want to see photos of each item in more detail then just click on the names above.

The collection features some really cute amazing little kawaii type sushi characters which i completely love. Even more so on the tights, which has a few non-sushi ones such as an onion, pea-pod and a little cat that are not featured on the Baby Bento shoes (they are on the Wasabi Wanderer trainers by the looks of it). I’m really hoping for a swing type dress with this pattern once the clothing range is released.