Iregular Choice released face masks in some of their icon prints on 23rd April 2021, as part of the Dinosaur/Fask Mask release. Five prints, Under the Sea, Pegasus, Blossom Bunny and Dinosaurs in balck and white were realesed as exclusives to Irregular Choice and their stores. Fout other designs were exclusive to to independent stockists and consisted of two unicorn prints, ducks and a mask based on the anniversary print.

Irregular Choice Face Masks

You can watch my review of five different masks below. The Irregular Choice exclusive ones were bought from the Manchester store whilst the remaining two came from Eclectic on ebay.

The mask contains a three layer design of  cotton, SMS and of external polypropylene. They measure 24cm by 15cm and i find them very comfortable. They’re the best mask I’ve found. I haven’t washed them yet so I’m not sure how they’ll fare but it does state that they are washable. They rrp at £14.99 which puts them at the higher end of the market but i think they’re worth it.

Choice Celebration Face Mask
Irregular Choice Dinosaur Face Mask