I’m sure I say it every time, but how quickly has the first of the month got here again? It, of course, means a whole load of new Loungefly pre-orders.  It’s a smaller collection this month but as we’re pre-ordering for September releases we of have some spooky action going on.  We just booked our tickets for Boo Bash at Disney World a few weeks ago and I know something from this collection will have to go to the party with me.  I don’t think it will take much detective work to figure out what I have my eye on.

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Pumpkin Mickey Mouse

What would Halloween be without a Mickey Mouse pumpkin head? Sorry but we need to talk about the crossbody first!  It’s 3D!!   Gucci, Danielle Nicole and Coach have all taken on bags in this Mickey head form but this one is a pumpkin!!!!  I need a pumpkin Mickey Mouse head bag!!!  I need it so so so so much.  I thought it was cute when it looked like it was just a normal 2D crossbody but it’s 3D!!  If the face glows in the dark as I suspect it does then this bag has it all.

 Imagine this bag with full of all the trick or treat sweets in at Mickey’s Boo Bash.  It’s like you have your very own Mickey Mouse pumpkin to carry around.  Have I mentioned that I need it?  Because it’s a crossbody it still means that you can also have a backpack so it doesn’t limit the spooky outfit possibilities.  In white, with ghost Mickey and a pumpkin.  In green, with the Haunted Mansion backpack, and a pumpkin.  You see where this is going?

Loungefly Disney Mickey-O-Lantern Mini Backpack

There is a matching mini backpack too of course.  I don’t need it quite as much but I do love that it has a different take on the pumpkin backpack from previous years with Mickey taking over the front pocket rather than the whole bag.  The rest of the bag is covered in a Mickey pumpkin head print that glows in the dark.

This set has Pumpkin ears too!! I know we’ve had pumpkins ears before but I don’t own any so I love this addition.  The black bow and little green vines look so good and whilst Mickey is on one side we have Minnie Mouse on the other.  Could there be an exclusive Minnie Pumpkin bag in the works? She is no where else in this collection except the ears so I’m thinking she’s going to shine elsewhere.

Loungefly Disney Mickey-O-Lantern Flap Wallet

Finally, we have a matching  pumpkin flap wallet with the same print as the mini backpack and glows in the dark too!  The lining for all three has Mickey Cobweb pumpkins which look so good that I may need to crochet some matching ones.

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Nightmare Before Christmas

It’s most certainly the month for Jack fans.  We have a whopping six new bags and four wallets featuring the Pumpkin King and friends (he’ll be catching up to Stitch soon maybe? Nah).  Where do I start? I think the ‘Simply Meant To Be’ set is the most striking.  If there was a perfect Halloween coloured sunset this bag would be it with romantic scenes of Jack, Sally and Zero of course (as anyone with a dog knows, there’s always three in the relationship).   The deign comes as a mini backpack, crossbody and flap wallet, very reminiscent of the recent princess castle bags in both structure and art work.   The lining of Jack, Sally and Zero is one of the cutest I’ve ever seen.

Next, we have a classic Jack in his black and white pin stripe suit.  This bag with the right outfit is going to be so so so striking. I’m a little obsessed with the bat bowtie being placed at the top of the bag. No crossbody in this Headless Jack design but we do have a matching accordion wallet.  I’m not as much of a fan of the spiders on the lining but the bats and pumpkins are cute.

The next set has a conga line print of NBC characters against a purple sky backdrop.  The all over print features some of the lesser seen characters such as the Mayor and the Harlequin Demon as well as the usual Jack, Sally, Zero, and Lock, Shock and Barrel in the bathtub.  There’s a matching crossbody with the same print and a zip around wallet.  Zero takes over the lining and he’s also hidden on the back of the mini backpack.

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Oogie Boogie Wheel mini backpack with a spinning wheel! The wheel is also the front pocket so I’m assuming that there’s an inner disc that spins so that you can see what’s going to land on Jack, Sally Oogie or Santa.  There’s also a dice zipper and the florescent elements on the bag glow under a black light.  It’s a very different look for the characters but it’s great to have so much variety and there’s a matching zip around wallet.

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Hocus Pocus

It’s all just a bunch of Sanderson sister bags.   There was so much disappointment and sadness last year for those who couldn’t get hold of the Hocus Pocus backpack but I actually prefer this new design.  We have all three sisters taking over the front of the bag in chibi form with a front pocket smartly hidden behind Winifred’s hair.  A grumpy looking Binx joins them too looking so adorably cute and he pops-up and down to hide out of sight. 

Loungefly Disney Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters Mini Backpack
Loungefly Disney Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters Mini Backpack

There is a matching flap wallet which also features all three sister with Binx on the back but my favourite piece of this collection is actually the cardholder.  Shaped as Binx’s candle, it’s got a glitter flame and is waxy amazing with it’s 31 nights of Halloween design.

The second Hocus Pocus mini backpack is a complete contrast with a chibi all over print showing icons scenes from the movie.  This print has so much happening in a good way and would make an amazing skirt or dress.  The images are set against a ombre backdrop of blues and purples which really sets of the print.  The same print covers both the mini backpack and crossbody as well as a matching ziparound wallet.

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Disney Villains

We had the princess books design a few months back (one of my favourite bags) and this month we have a villain version.  I love it.  It’s probably one of the most diverse villain bag we’ve had for a while, there’s so many of those mischievous mischiefs represented.  I see more every time I look but so far I have the list as Scar, King John, the Evil Queen, Hades, Ursula, Captain Hook, Jafar, Cruella, Yzma, Queen Of Hearts, Chernabog, Dr Facilier.  Then there’s sidekicks too. Pain and Panic, Flotsam (or Jetsam?) from The Little Mermaid, Diablo and my favourite Iago.  I’m sure that there are lots I’ve missed.  The zipper of the mini backpack is in the shape of a book as it was with the princess version, and I love this continuity across the two.

Loungefly Disney Villains Books Mini Backpack

The crossbody with the same print is a different style than what we’ve seen previously.  It’s more of a top handle style with a front zip but does still have a chain shoulder strap.  It’s definitely leaning more towards a traditional style handbag rather than the chunkier crossbody that we’ve used to.  I love the ‘Happy Never After’ detail on the zip.  So perfect.

Loungefly Disney Villains Books Crossbody

The matching zip around wallet has the same bookcase print.  The print seems to sit well so I don’t see too many placement issues for the backpack but the matching zip around wallet may present a few hurdles if you want to get all of your sidekicks on there. The lining is a graffiti of slogans in different fonts and carries across the backpack, crossbody and wallet.

Loungefly Disney Villains Books Ziparound Wallet

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Villain Scenes

Two months ago we had Ursula and Maleficent with villain scenes and it appears it may be a series with Hades now added to the mix.  The main body of the mini backpack is taken up with Hades’ head and body whilst the front pocket details a scene from the movie with his protagonist Hercules taking a swing with his mighty sword.   It looks like we’re going to have some glitter action going on with Hades’ hair and possibly on the background around Hercules.  Did you spot Pain and Panic on the zip too? The lining with all the different colours of blue surrounding an angry Hades looks so good.

Loungefly Disney Villains Scene Hades Mini Backpack

It’s great to see Pain and Panic feature again on the back of the zip around wallet.  On the other side with have Hades again casting an eye over Hercules.  Is that glitter I spot again in the background?

Loungefly Disney Villains Scene Hades Ziparound Wallet

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Monsters Inc

Not to be missed from things that go bump in the night, Sully and Mike of course have to get into the Halloween action to celebrate their 20th anniversary (I’m not even thinking about how old that makes me).  A triple pocket faced mini backpack featuring the too monsters with Boo (someone we don’t see that much of).   It says ‘We scare because we care’ on the back and the pink base colour and flowers matches Boo’s door.

Loungefly Pixar Monsters Inc Boo Mike Sally Cosplay Mini Backpack

The mini backpack looks very pretty but it’s the crossbody door bag that steals the show for me.  Boo’s door with Randall hidden behind on the back of the bag.   The front flap actually opens like a door with Mike and Sully behind!! There are so so many outfit possibilities for this bag although it is going take some getting used to with the bag being flipped into a portrait rather than the usually landscape but I think I can live with that.  It appears to be much smaller than other crossbodies but actually it’s dimensions of 6x10x3 inches makes it very similar to past crossbody bags but the zip only appears to go across the smaller edge so will be interesting to see what’s going to fit in. Regardless, there’s a perfect photo spot just waiting for this bag at Disneyland Paris.

Loungefly Pixar Monsters Inc Boo’s Door Crossbody

The matching zip around wallet for this collection also features door and has Mike and Sully on the inside just like the crossbody.  The lining for the set commemorates the 20 years that Monster Inc has been in our lives.

Loungefly Pixar Monsters Inc Boo’s Door Ziparound Wallet

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Princess Castle Series

It’s not all ghosts and ghouls of course, with the next instalment of the princess castle series.  We’ve had Cinderella and Jasmine and now it’d Ariel’s turn for the castle treatment.   I have to admit that this is my least favourite of the collection so far but I think that’s more of a statement about the amazingness of the first two bags rather than a negative for this one.  Ariel has not one but two castles, both under the sea and above it, so I guess it’s only right that both be featured but maybe they pull attention too much away from each other? When standing alone from the rest of the collection so far it is a stunning bag.  The colours are so pretty with the purples, mixed id pinks and greens and Sebastian, Scuttle and Flounder have pride of place with Ariel and Erik.  It is possibly one of my favourite Little Mermaid Loungefly but I just need to see how it fits into the collection in real life I think.

Loungefly Disney Ariel Castle Collection Mini Backpack

The two sides of the crossbody work best this time I think as it manages to separate both worlds with a castle of either side whilst the flap wallet focusses purely on land.  The lining has a very happy looking Flounder and Sebastian.

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Pop Princesses

There’s been a new release of princess Funko Pops recently so a new bag was bound to follow.  Pop bags can often be a bit hit or miss but it’s always good to see so many princesses together along with some of the sidekicks.  If this had been the pocket of the ‘Princess saves herself’ chibi I would have the perfect Disney princess bag (maybe I can just write it on over the castle).   The backdrop looks pretty with the stars but I am getting more of a Hogwarts vibe than Disney Princess.  I’m not sure why. 

Pop By Loungefly Disney Princess Circles Mini Backpack

The crossbody has the princesses again but this time in their own little bubble circles (social distancing) accompanied by their sidekicks.  I think I actually prefer this design over that on the mini backpack as you really get a sense of each princess and the way all of the colours come together harmoniously is pretty genius. The crown latch of the bag is a nice detail too. The only thing I’m missing is a top handle to make the bag more versatile but as the shoulder strap is removeable I can just add a wrist strap instead and make it an oversized clutch.  The lining features Pop versions of the sidekicks and oh my word look at Cosworth!! The ziparound wallet has the same circle princess print as the crossbody

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