It’s pre-order time.  Let’s address the elephant first.  There’s been a lot of negativity surrounding Loungefly pre-orders lately due to the delays of stock getting to the UK.  There is good news though, stock has started arriving and although some pre-orders have been delayed by a month or two, we just gotta have faith, faith, faith.  I know some people will put off pre-ordering for a while because of the delays but I’ll still be going ahead for the bags that I really want so that I know that they’re secure.  Granted, I would like to know when I’ll be getting them in regards to outfit planning for holidays, etc, but it is what it is.

We’ve seen quite a number of these pre-orders already, officially released images by Loungefly (they have a new coming soon section) rather than spoilers, so I thought I’d start with the new reveals.

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Not all stockists have pre-orders so don’t worry too much if the item you wanted sells out. Stockists such as Rockamilly, Truffle Shuffle, E-Shoes and of course Funko Europe will stock at least some of the collection when they are released in August. You can fine a full stockist list here.

Princess Castle Series

Snow White!! I love this backpack so much.  I’m getting to that stage now where I’m feeling like I own way too many bags.  My hope for the castle series is that it would be the only bag I’d need for that princess.  This has already been the case for Cinderella and Jasmine so far (not so much Aerial but I’m hoping it might grow on me).  A good test for me is whether I could get rid of my other Snow White bags if I owned this one (Not including any Dopey bags of course!) and for me this time the answer is yes.  Therefore, I need this mini backpack.   I love the detail of the well in front of the castle, it fits so well with the first two in the series (not counting the third one) and Snow White herself looks true to the film. The colour combinations are pretty especially in the scene on the back and whilst I’m not as keen on the brown straps and detail it’s something I can live with.

The crossbody is a different type to what we’ve seen previously.  I’m a little confused by the flap that seems to come higher than the zip so I really want to see it in person.  It has “…and they lived happily ever after” written on it with that castle and stunningly pretty clouds which is really making me want it but I think I would need to change the strap or add a clutch loop as I’m not a fan of the brown strap based on this art work.  I may be very wrong, it’s sometimes happens, but the shoulder strap is removeable so all is right with the world if I’m not.  You can really make this crossbody your own.

The wallet features the same 3D style castle cut out on one side and the pretty castle watercolour image on the reverse but the inside is really cute with a little apple cut out and “The Fairest Of Them All” printed inside.  It really shows of the lovely lining of this collection with little birds and rabbits sat amongst toadstools, flowers and apples.  I’m in love with this lining.

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Ghost Minnie

Ghost Mickey was my first ever Loungefly ISO and one of my true loves.  I can still remember the exact moment that Laura (The wonderful creator of Loungefly Obsessed UK) told me she managed to grab one for me.  Have I mentioned how much I love him? Now he doesn’t have to haunt alone because Ghost Minnie is joining him!!!  She is so ghostly pretty with her little orange and black polka dot bow.  I’m trying to convince myself that I don’t need her but I really do.  I wonder if I can get the husband to carry Ghost Mickey around Disney World whilst I carry Minnie.  Exactly how drunk would he need to be to wear the ears?

Speaking of ears, we of course have a matching Minnie ears set.  This time with three bows!! A centre one that matches the bag and two little orange ones on each little Ghost Minnie.  They’re not making my Boo Bash outfit planning any easier, are they?  A soon as I’ve finished this I’m off to find an orange polka dot dress.

Finally, we have the matching wallet. Taking full advantage of the orange polka dot and ghost lining that is used for the bag too.  This is my level of spooky.

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Last year Loungefly Stitch Shoppe bought out a CoCo shirt in really vivid orange and purple.  I can’t remember why I didn’t try to buy it but now I really regret it (Bring Stitch Shoppe to the UK please if any Loungefly gods are reading!!).  I mention this now as the Coco collection in this month’s pre-orders is very much like that skirt.  The design across the mini backpack, crossbody and wallet shows the scene from the film where Miguel is being led across the field of cempasúchil.  I didn’t know until I watched the film that these flowers are important to the tradition of Dia de los Muertos, or Day Of The Dead, as the scent of the flowers guide the deceased back to their living loved ones.  It’s a beautiful tradition, both figurately and visually, and one of my favourite scenes from the film.  I think this collection does a very good job of recreating it.  The mini backpack also has some lovely details including a little guitar zip and Dante hidden on the back.

Although I do love the mini backpack, the crossbody is my favourite here.  It would look so so so good with the prementioned skirt.  The top handle makes it classy and easy to turn into a strapless hand bag although can we talk about that strap? The strap alone is a piece of art.  I think some elements on both bags may glow in the dark or under UV but I’ll need to confirm this first thing tomorrow.

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Update: before I’ve even posted this, Loungefly just released a real life image!! His paws and ears are plush and I need an ombre rug!!

Loungefly Cinnamoroll Mini Backpack

After my whole Hello Kitty special newsletter yesterday, we now have even more new Sanrio.  This time it’s the turn of Cinnamoroll, so called because of the shape of his tail.  The cute little white dog lives on a cloud and can fly because of his Dumbo worthy ears.  He’s pretty cute and I love the rainbow zipper and the cute little tail on the back.  I’m getting very into pastels at the moment and he fits in well with that aesthetic perfectly.

The matching wallet has a rainbow, unicorn and balloons.  Like the three best things every.  I really wish the wallet was a bag too although I also don’t because I would completely need it and my list is getting very long.  I’m also thinking I need to buy every one and turn all the lining into a dress. 

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The rest of the bags that follow have already been revealed (some got reveled whilst I typed and got moved down).  As everyone has already seen these I’ll try not to dwell on them too much.  Also because some are scary!!

Disney Princesses

Let’s start with the pretty ones.  For the first time ever I think I can actually share real life photos for this pretty blush pink set.  All three pieces feature silhouettes of more princesses than we usually see together.  We have Tiana, Merida, Jasmine, Belle, Mulan, Ariel, Moana, Rapunzel, Pocahontas, Cinderella, Snow White, and Aurora.  The mini backpack is covered in sequins on the front and side pockets and I Love the pale pink colour of the straps and handle.

The matching crossbody is one of my favourites from recent releases.  The bag reminds me of a vanity case but with a lovely rose gold crown handle that matches the zips.  It would fit so well my collection and would go with so many outfits.  It’s a shame there’s not a bit of sequin on it but it does have a sparkle.

The matching flap wallet has the sale all over print and a really nice blush pink interior with the pink castle lining that all three pieces share. 

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Candy Corn

There’s so much goodness on this bag.  It’s the same design as the Mickey & Minnie Christmas Cookies where the ears fit into the front of the bag.  There’s little straps in the front pocket that unclip and hold the ears in place.  It’s such a great idea but it does mean that the bag makes a lot less sense without the ears.  You can still see the straps although the front pocket does close without the ears.   They can be bought separately but I think they belong as a set unless you just want the ears.

The all over print is every Disney Halloween dream fulfilled.  Ghost Mickey, Ghost Minnie, Bat Mickey, Bat Minnie, Pumpkin Mickey, Pumpkin Minnie oh and candy corns to match the beautiful candy corn bow on the ears.  The print is so small that it shouldn’t have placement issues.  The little Bat Mickey zipper too!!

The zip around wallet has the same print and actually it’s a great piece to go with pretty much any of the Disney Halloween bags as every character variation is on there.  I could use it with Bat Mickey, Ghost Mickey or Pumpkin Mickey.  Even the new Ghost Minnie above or the Pumpkin bags from last month’s pre-orders.  The lining for both the wallet and the bag has little cobwebs and “Boo!”’s along with the candy corn.

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Lilo & Stitch

Now, I think I’ve made my position clear when it comes to the many many Stitch bags but this one is just awesome.   Vampire Stitch!  His cloak opens up via the use of magnets and he has little vampire fangs.  I know we saw an exclusive reveal of Vampire Mickey today (I’m not sure if it’s coming to the UK) but I actually think Vampire Stitch is a lot cuter.  You open his cape and make him fly off to some blood sucking action.  The little bow tie too!!

The flap wallet takes the effect even further.  With the cape closed it completely hides his outfit but then he opens up again, just like the bag.  Ok, he does look a little like Sponge Bob but he’s a cute Vampire Stitch Sponge Bob.  The lining has him hiding out behind vertical lines, almost optical illusion style.

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The 80th anniversary of Captain America.  Wait, what?  Is it really that old? Wow, turns out that yes he is.  The first issue was published in 1941.  Loungefly are celebrating his big 8 0 with two new bags and a wallet, each with a rather floral feel.  The mini backpack has the guy’s shield (Can you tell I’m not a Marvel person) as the front pocket with some stunning red, white and blue flowers surrounding it.  It feels a bit less err patriotic, for loss of a better word, than previous Captain America Loungefly and I like the casual denim feel. If the flowers are embroidered (I’m 99% certain they are) this could be quite a bag.

If I did end up getting this then I think I’d want the crossbody.  It has all the same beauty of the mini backpack but with a red trim, red handles and a really great red and white stripe shoulder strap.   It feels like it would go really well with a 50s swing dress.  Where can I find a denim-coloured swing dress and why am I wanting all of these bags that I shouldn’t want.  Someone hide my bank card please!

There’s a zip around wallet.  It matches.  They all have a red anniversary lining.  I’m saying nothing more before I end up buying it too.

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Harry Potter

We have another real life photo situation for Harry Potter Luna Lovegood set.  We’ve seen similar art work before on a Loungefly bag that she shared with Hermione but this time it’s all Luna.  She’s featured in the all over print wearing three different outfits along with a few iconic representations of her including her wand and glasses.  Lion head Luna is the best but I am sensing a few headless Luna might be present from some people.

The all over print is also shared by the crossbody bag and zip around wallet, both at less risk of being headless.  The bags chain shoulder strap with pink detail is a nice added touch and is a great match to the pink lining of patronus hares and spectrespecs.

Not included in the reveal is the Quibbler crossbody.  Designed to look like something that Luna’s dad would have written, the magazine features such headlines as ‘Pandemonium at the Ministry’ and ‘My week without runes’.  The design is taken from the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game so we have seen it before and is available to buy in various formats but it truly does belong on a bag.   It’s a perfect accessory for any Harry Potter outfit.

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Beetlejiuce.  Beetlej… argh.. I won’t do it.  What would Halloween be without that funny green haired guy in the black and white suite.  We had a number of bags centred around him last year but this time it’s a Funko Pop variety.  Not a favourite of some I know but this guy is looking so cute.  I’m almost not scared of him (I’m scared of everything, just wait until you get to the section with the ‘real’ Halloween stuff below).  I love that the pocket shows the hell places too and the zipper has a little black and white snake.  The black and white detail on the sides and straps make it really interesting for styling.  I am planning a Beetlejuice outfit for the Universal Halloween party in October but now I’m not sure if I should order this bag to go with my dress and pray it comes in time.

The all over print of the crossbody is sooooo cute too with the green haired guy and Lydia in all their different outfits. 

The Wallet has the same printas the crossbody but we also have a cardholder that matches the front of the backpack. 

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I always think that these guys are the ones who did the Monster Mash but no.  Did they have their own cartoon at one point, I thought so but now I’m thinking they might just be cartoon representations of classic Universal horror movies.  Such as Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein who have their own cosplay mini backpack. The heart on the back of the bag is right, they are a shockingly cute together. It’s very fun and playful.

Both characters are on the flap handbag style crossbody too along with Wolf Man, Creature from the Black Lagoon and Dracula.  They do look like they’re dancing to the Monster Mash song, maybe that’s why I always think it’s them. 

All five characters again are on the wallet with Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein on the back.  I swear these guys are really making me laugh.  The expressions on their faces and their little hands!!  They’re so funny!  I think I needed these guys before I move on to the next bags.

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Friday The 13th

Never seen the film.  Never want to see the film.  I think there’s a summer camp or something to do with dreams or something.  There’s a bag and a wallet. There are some pictures.  You may look at them.  I don’t want to.  Mostly because it’s freaking me out.

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Michael Myers

I have it on good authority that this isn’t coming to the UK sorry.  Bad news for anyone who wanted it but good news for me because I would have wrote exactly the same as above.

Child’s Play

You know, I’m beginning not to like this month.  When I heard that there was a bag of that doll I was really dreading getting to where I am now but actually the bag isn’t bad.  It’s actually kind of sweet if you forget completely and absolutely what it really is.  I can never own it, of course, but if I saw those cute dungarees with real buttons and stripey top go past me on someone’s back I’d be ok.  Can I please stop talking about him now though. 

Oh yeah, there’s a matching wallet too.  The lining looks like something I don’t want to see so I have no idea what it is sorry.  Fine, I looked, It’s disturbing and I have no idea what it means sorry.  Please don’t feel the need to tell me.

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