Slightly delayed this month because of my galivanting but I still wanted to put together a quick Loungefly Pre-Order guide for the November releases.  There are some stunning Christmas themed bags coming our way and you can secure them early via the stockists listed below.  Scroll down to find more details of each new design.



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Not all stockists have pre-orders so don’t worry too much if the item you wanted sells out. Stockists such as Rockamilly, Truffle Shuffle, E-Shoes and of course Funko Europe will stock at least some of the collection when they are released in August. You can fine a full stockist list here.

Snowman Mickey & Minnie

Mickey and Minnie as snow mice!! I love this design so much.  I’m usually not a fan of all over print but I don’t think you can go wrong with this one.  There’s ugly jumpers, knitwear and candy canes.  It’s the new ear bag design where the ears are held in a separate zip area.  A much better design than the Christmas snacks bag from last wear where the ears were held in a front pocket.  Unlike the previous version, this one still works when it’s not holding the ears.

The ears are available both with the bag or sperate and so so so snowdorable.  The red and white candy stripe bow!!!! Snow Mickey has a little Santa hat.  Ok, I think I need this one.

There’s a matching zip around wallet also with the same all over print as the mini backpack and both have a red and white snowflakes lining with little Mickey and Minnie heads.

There’s a second set in this series but this time Snow Mickey and Minnie are inside a 3D effect snow globe complete with little pom pom snowballs which forms the front pocket.  This mini backpack is the classic design, without the ear holding pocket.

The crossbody takes the same design.  It’s small but cute at 7”W x 7”H x 2.5”D but I thing that 3D pom pom effect is running going to stand out on this and as the ears are available on their own I’m thinking this could be a great combo.

Finally, we have a second zip around wallet with that pom pom snow again.  The lining for both the wallet and the two snow globe bags have a blue stripe snowflake pattern.

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Gingerbread Mickey & Minnie

We’re not done with Mickey and Minnie Mouse just yet.  If the due as snowman wasn’t quite cute enough for you then fear not, we also gingerbread mice!!  The mini backpack is again the ear holding variety and another all over print but this time is a cookie lover’s delight is tones of browns, red and a rainbow pastel. Imagine if you’re Santa and this was left with your glass of milk.  All your Christmases would have come at once.

The same all over print is used on the crossbody.  It looks like it’s a small enough repeat for there not to be placement issues but you could end up with a headless cookie or two but then who doesn’t eat the head first right? Right? Just me?

The mini backpack comes with the ears but they can also be bought separately if you want them to go with the crossbody.  I love the little candy cane heart on that pretty red bow.

There is a zip around wallet with the same print and they all share the same pastel candy lining.  This set is so delicious that it’s making me hungry.

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Dr. Seuss The Grinch

The perfect Whoville bag!!   The Grinch, in all his Grinchy glory, is making his appearance out of the Chimney whilst we have scenes of Whoville above.  Wait there, this is sounding familiar. Any Irregular Choice fans, this bag is a perfect match to the I’m Here For The Presents boots that were released last year. 

The matching wallet has the Grinch and Cindy-Lou on one side and Max on the other.  I love that Max is featured and both he and Cindy-Lou make an appearance on the lining too.

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Gremlins Gizmo Holiday

Loungefly Gremlins Gizmo Christmas Real Life Image

Gizmo!! This adorable little guy has a plush finish so you really can’t get him wet.  I’m not 100% sold on his little keyboard front pocket but I do love the removeable Santa hat like last year’s Grinch bag and those ears.  There’s a ‘Handle With Care’ stamp on the back too.  Best to keep him away from the Gingerbread set.

We have a matching flap wallet this time, again with Giz and his keyboard and a cute little image of him in a car on the back with is also used on the bag lining.

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Elf Buddy & Friends

Loungefle Elf Buddy & Friends Real Life Image

What would Christmas be without Elf? I have to admit that I don’t love this as much as last year’s Cosplay Elf mini backpack but the colours are stunning and I do like the addition of the penguin and Buddy’s other helpers and love the pom pom snow and the food group pyramid on the back.  The candy and snowflake pattern is cute too but it’s a little too cartoony for me.

I think Jovie looks a little strange on the matching zip around wallet.  It could just be the concept art but I much prefer the reverse with the Christmas trees and creatures.

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Princess Castle Series

Our latest addition was previewed at the Loungefly fashion show last month, it’s Princess Tiana’s turn to show off her crib.  The colours of this backpack are stunning with deep purples and pinks and with have a frog and light bug of course.  On the back we have a restaurant scene with Tiana and Naveen.  Not quite the romance of the previous castle series reverse images but they’re working it (literally).

The crossbody has the same images and is a very similar style to the Jasmine’s castle crossbody with the gold metal top handle and removable shoulder strap.  It measures 9.75”W x 8.5”H x 4.25”D.

There’s a matching zip around wallet with the same design.

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95th Anniversary Winnie The Pooh

How joyful is the mini backpack to celebrate 95 years of Pooh.  I love the scene of Pooh and piglet jumping that was chosen to cover the front and we have such a representation of characters on one bag.

A second Pooh backpack is a bucket convertible and has a honey pot design with a little Winnie The Pooh tag.  The straps can be changed to turn it into a crossbody.  It’s a similar size to the mini backpack at  9”W x 10”H x 9”D, slightly shorter but with twice as much diameter because of the bucket shape.

We have a peep hole crossbody too, a similar design to the Alice keyhole from a few months ago.  Pooh is surrounded by embroidery flowers and the ‘Oh Bother’ print is a nice touch and pretty apt with Pooh stuck in a hole again.  If you turn the back around you get a behind, literally.  It made me giggle anyways.  It measures 10.5”W x 8”H x 4”D.

There are two wallet options for this collection, a zip around with all of the characters and an accordion style with Pooh eating his honey.  Both share the same lining as the rest of the collection with the gold 95 years design.

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80th Anniversary Dumbo

Casey Junior’s comin’ down the track
Comin’ down the track
With a smoky stack

I thought I was safe from this month’s pre-orders but writing this guide had made me want this bag too.  I don’t own a Dumbo bag which is strange for me as I love my Dumbo Irregular Choice.  I think I’ve been waiting for the right one and this might be it.  I love that Casey Junior takes over the front pocket whilst Dumbo flies above with Timothy on his hat.  The bag has a little feather zipper too.  The stripes on the side and back add another dimension to the design and we have the epic “Don’t just fly, soar” with Timothy again behind the straps.

The problem is that I can’t decide between the backpack and crossbody.  The crossbody is a railway car with little wheels THAT SPIN (!!!) holding Dumbo and Timothy.  The same pretty striped design as the backpack is used too with a gold D and detail on both sides.  The shoulder strap is removeable so just imagine it as a really cute crossbody.  Ok, I’ve sold this bag to myself!  BRB, just need to go pre-order. It measures 9”W x 8.3”H x 2.75”D.

The zip around wallet has such a great image of Casey Junior on the back with all the animals in their little cars whilst Dumbo and Timothy are on the front.  The entire set has an anniversary lining with flying Dumbos and feathers.

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60th Anniversary 101 Dalmatians

Another bog birthday.   I’ve seen quite a few Disney dogs Loungefly but I think this puppy cosplay mini backpack is my favourite.  I’m not sure that it’s meant to be one specific dog but rather an amalgamation of the 101 baby pups.  He is closest to Patch I think but the black ear is on the wrong side. The ear detail and red collar are adorable whilst Lucky and Rolly are on the back of the bag with a couple of other dogs. 

The crossbody features the same pup face and cute little ears whilst the back has a spotty design whilst the zip around wallet has a pretty all over print with a red background.

The set also has ears.  Not Mickey ears, puppy ears!   They’re so cure.  I can imagine some great Disney bounding with these.

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Villain Scenes

The series continues with Jafar looking evil and menacing watching over Aladdin entering the Cave Of Wonders.   It has glitter so I’m sure these colours are going to look stunning and the little scarab on the back is a nice little touch.  He is going to fit in well with the series so far.

I’m not living the matching wrap around wallet quite as much sadly.   It might be very different in real life but Jafar on his horse blend in the background a little whilst Aladin stands out.  Also, why doesn’t the horse get a name?  Abu stealing the lantern on the back of the wallet is a show stealer.

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Hello Kitty X Pusheen

In theory, this should be one of the most exciting bags in this month’s release but my dearest dearest Loungefly, anyone who has My Little Pony (mine is on pre-order) already has this bag sorry.  The colours and theming are exactly the same based on the concept art, just different characters on it.  It’s very similar to Twin Stars too.  I really really really did want to love it and it may be very different when we see real life images but as much as I love Hello Kitty I just can’t justify buying this one too.  It’s such a shame as both characters are so adorable flying over the rainbow and through the clouds with their balloons.  The reverse image of them both on a cloud, so very cute too.

The matching flap wallet has the same image with clouds on the reverse.  The pink lining with the little bow on some of the clouds is genius, just a shame that it’s too similar to My Little Pony.

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