I’m warning you now, before you scroll down, this is going to be an expensive month. We have rainbow sequins, a castle, My Little Pony and so so somuch more and another Stitch of course. Just in case you didn’t have enough Stitch. You can use the index below to navigate the guide.

This guide would not be possible without the super hero that is Paul and Get Ready Comics. There isn’t enough thank yous.

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Minnie Rainbow Sequin

Rainbow.  Sequin.  Rainbow. Sequin.  Rainbow.  Sequin. What more do you need to know.  Why are you still here instead of ordering this bag?  This is seriously the bag I have dreamed about.  The front pocket, ears and bow are all covered in a pastes rainbow sequin with a diagonal stripe on a white background.  I know for certain that I’m going to need the matching ears.  These two and My Little Pony below is why I’m anxious every time I think about 5am.  Sequin Loungefly took on a life of their own during the first lockdown.  Usually only sold as a Disney Parks release, sequins became more and more difficult to get and bags that were on sale in the Disney Store in February of 2020 were selling for hundreds a few months later becoming impossible to obtain for some people.  I’m so happy that sequins are becoming more of a general release and even more extremely happy that we’re getting rainbows.  Even the straps are rainbow.  The matching wallet looks so pretty too.  These will be in my basket at 5am.

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Cinderella Castle

A castle bag! Can this month get any better? (All I need now is a pony wink wink).  Cinderella’s castle at night and wow.  The carriage is at the front waiting with the fairy godmother casting her spell and little Gus stood to one side.  This is or course the same castle as Disney World but they’ve given it it’s very own look and feel rather than just recreating the parks castle bag but at the same time if I have this one I don’t think I’ll miss not having the parks version.  I love the deep blues and purples and the zipper with Cinderella crest.  I have a complete outfit all ready to go, I never realised it was just waiting for this bag.  The crossbody looks so pretty too.  So much so that I am quite torn.  The backpack wins just because it negates the need for another castle backpack but I think I might end up with the crossbody as well.  The wallet has the castle on one side and a carriage scene on the other.  I know the perfect photo spot at Disneyland Paris for this entire collection.

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My Little Pony

Last month Toms released My Little Pony shoes and I got very excited.  I have them with me right now.  The original generation 1 version that ran from 1982 to 1992.  There’s been four generations since but I choose to ignore them.  This is one of the few times where Loungefly has released the image of the bag before the pre-orders are revealed and interest has been really high.  I’m not sure how fast these will go but I’ll be ordering mine at 5am just in case.  I used to have Starshine Rainbow who features on the front of the bag (I only kept two from my childhood, Confetti and Baby Bouncy, I don’t know why).  She’s so pretty and I’m so glad they chose a Pegasus with rainbow hair.  The bag itself is also one of my favourite colours, somewhere between mint and teal, and the clouds and rainbow are just perfect.  I’m secretly hoping that one day we might get My Little Pony Irregular Choice but until then I wonder if the Pegasus Ban Joe shoes will work.  The wallet has an all over print with Starshine and rainbows.

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Alice In Wonderland

The latest additions to the land of Wonder adds four new Alice themed bags, a cardholder and a wallet.  The mini backpack featuring Mad Hatter and the March Hare in a teacup is my favourite and I love how they have positioned the zipper on the front packet too.  Almost hidden within the yellow stripe.  The Dormouse flies above with a little umbrella and it looks like this might be a 3D effect detail.  The colours look they could be a stunning pastel rainbow and I don’t actually miss Alice.  The matching wallet has the same colour plashes combined with cups and teapots to create an all over print.

I love Cheshire Cat.  I did a shoe photo a while back of the Cheshire Cat Irregular Choice shoes with the mini backpack and I’ve pretty much just been trying to do a photo as good as that ever since.  I didn’t think I’d ever need another Cheshire Cat bag but this new crossbody does have me tempted.  The handle on top suggests it could work really well if the shoulder strap is removeable and I really hope that the tail is fluffy.  I can’t wait to see the real life version of this one.

The final tree pieces are very similar in colours and styles.  Alice returns to take centre stage along with her cat Dinah.  I may be wrong but it looks as if Dinah is actually a little removeable wristlet style bag that is attached to the front of the mini backpack, making it appear as if she is sat in Alice’s apron packet.  If this is correct then it’s such a great idea.  I’m suddenly curious to see if there’s someway to attach my wristlets to other mini backpacks too but that’s a whole different thing for another day. Back to the bag, whose deigns takes on Alice’s dress with daises linking the two pieces together.  There’s a little black Alice bot on the top too.  The matching cardholder and crossbody use the same colour palette with a bit of pink thrown in and show Alice though the keyhole.  I love the daisy detail on the strap of the crossbody.

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There’s been a bit of Loungefly controversy recently with the return of three cast member exclusives released for general sale.  I’m not going to get into it but when pre-order clues were released suffesting Ursula and Maleficent there was a number of people thinking it was referring to those bags but actually they’re brand new villains bags.  They are similar in that the both feature the relevant princess and her nemesis but these are much more cosplay/face bags which is my favourite style.  The pocket on the Ursula bag is pretty clever.  It’s circle shaped to form the crystal ball/bubble where Arial and flounder are stalked. I love that the sea witches tentacles stick off the sides too but I would be a little worries about bending. On the second bag, Maleficent holds her vision of Aurora between her bright red fingernails whilst she stares at you with those wicked eyes.  I’m curious to know if her horns are padded and if that’s glitter in that black background.  Both bags have matching wallets with corresponding scenes except this time Aurora is now in the woods.

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Steamboat Willie

A new version of the classic, this ser has five pieces in black and white. Generally, I’m not overly excited about monochrome but having just booked a cruise on Disney Dream The crossbody in this set is screaming out to me.  I love the rope handle and ships wheel with the cruising all over print.  I would kill to have this in navy instead of black but the strap is removeable so this could be a really cute bag.  The we have two sets of ears to match, a first for the Loungefly monthly releases.  Both Minnie and Mickey in his captain’s hat.  We’re taking my parents on the cruise so I’m wondering if I can get them to wear these.  James never would in a billion years.  The mini backpack shows a stylised version of the steamboat with Mickey and Minnie onboard of course in their original form straight out of the film with Mickey whistle along to the boat’s whistles.  This bag again has such a clever placing of the zip for the front pocket and did you spot the Mickey shaped smoke?  There may but a rope effect around the front of the bag and there’s a ship wheel one the side pocket. The wallet uses the same images of Mickey and Minnie and rope effect.

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I thought I was a dog person until I saw this cute looking baby Marie from Aristocats.  How pretty is this little kitten, you just can’t help love her.  Especially when all of her pink details is actually a floral print.  Her belly is the front pocket with her four little paws.  I wonder if she is going to be fluffy.  The wallet matches the Minnie backpack but then we also have a crossbody with a pink and white all over print with Marie amongst the roses.

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Star Wars

I like Ray.  I like Kylo Ren.  I like lightsabres but I’m just not sure about this bag.  It has a manga comic style that I like and I love the colours of the background and waves but I think it’s one I need to see in person.  Kylo is looking a little bit like Frodo to me at the moment but it might be different in real life.  One side of the wallet has the same image whilst the reverse goes from war to love and Kylo goes from Frodo to a young Edward Scissorhands.  I do like the concept of mixed emotions but I think it’s going to be all in the details.

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I think I’ve made my feelings towards this dude pretty clear in the past, me and Stitch we ain’t the best of friends.  Sometimes I find him cute but there. Is. Just. So. Many. Stitch. Bags. I really do think you could do a 365 day challenge just with Stitch Loungefly.  Ok, so this time he’s showing his kinder side, reading stories to some seriously cute ducks.  The book has a duck on it to so I hope it’s not a cook book (Stitch really does bring out the evil in me).  I like his expression the the mini backpack too.  The three little ducks on the top of the crossbody also have a pretty high cute factor and the wallet would really compliment either.

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We’ve had a a variety of different Pusheen bags previously but this time it’s plush.  What’s better than a white, fluffy, unicorn, flying cat? A white, fully, unicorn, flying cat with a fluffy tail! The mini backpack has wings at the back and the ombre straps match Pusheen’s ombre hair.  There’s a matching cardholder and then a shell shaped crossbody that could also be used as a clutch with a tripe rainbow design and a flying unicorn cat flying across the front.

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Sponge Bob

It’s 3am and I find myself wondering what exactly id the difference between the Krabby Patty group and the Krusty Krab gang.  The Krabby Patty is a sandwich served at the Krusty Krab (thank you google) but other than that I’m none the wiser.  I do know who Sponge Bob and Patrick are though and they feature on the front of the mini backpack along with a Krabby Patty (two buns, with the patty, lettuce, cheese, onions, tomatoes, ketchup, mustard, and pickles between them in that order.  The Patty recipe is a secret but apparently it’s vegetarian.  Who knew?).  The wooden boards in the background of both the backpack and the wallet represent the Krusty Krab which is modelled on a lobster trap.  There are some other characters I don’t know on the wallet but I do love the little ketchup and cup along with the burger and fries.  The crossbody has a Sponge Bob all over print with all of the characters off the wallet.

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Is this our first Minions mini backpack?  I know we’ve had a Minions canvas and then we’ve had Fluffy (who I regret not buying) but I don’t think they’ve had their own ‘proper’ backpack yet.  We have Stuart, Kevin and Bob on the front with the the three tier zips so the bag has two front pockets. Other than the Minions block, white and yellow, the only colour introduces is a denim blue to gave the idea of denim overalls.  Kevin’s hair sticks up over the top of both the bag and wallet too which is a nice detail but I’m not sure how piratical this is going to be on the wallet.  I would imagine it will bend easily.

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Space Jam

Michael Jordan and Bill Murray plus a whole load of Looney Tunes and some basket ball.   My brother forced me to watch this film so many times.  I think it was to him what Who Framed Roger Rabbit was to us eight years before.  Both the backpack and wallet feature Bugs Bunny’s Tune Squad with the Loony Tunes circle off the opening credits and jersey number 1 which belonged to the grey rabbit himself.  The pocket zipper has a basketball on it too.

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It’s been so long since I saw this film which, probably almost 20 years since this bag and wallet commemorates its 20th anniversary.  It seems such a long time since 2001 but then it seems such a long time since 2019 so who knows any more.  Michael J Fox voiced Milo, the film’s main hero.  Spoiler alert, Milo helps save the people of Atlantis and ends up falling in love with an Atlantean named Kida.  Both are featured on the front of the bag and wallet.  The rest of the bag is covered in a print of what I think is the stone guardians (If I’m remembered correctly) in the same pretty aqua marine colour of the crystals that Atlantean’s wear against a dark teal background.  The zippers are actually crystals on the bag and there’s a crystal detail on the fastener of the wallet. 

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Confession.  I watched Seinfeld a few times and didn’t find it funny.  Sorry. I know it’s meant to be ground breaking and influential but I have a very low tolerance level for cringe.  It ran from 1989 to 1998 so I may have been too young to appreciate it but I’m not even sure it’s still shown in the UK anymore.  I do love the skyline on the bag with the chibi characters and I’d really love a New York version maybe with Friends on it instead or Sex and The City.  Both the bag and the matching wallet with ‘Top Of The Muffin To You’.  That sounds like my type of phrase so I may need to investigate further.

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