Release Date: 23rd April 2021

Release Type: Shoes, bags, tights, scarf, face masks.

Character Heel: No

Comments: Partof the dinosaur collection was exclusive to Irregular Choice whilst the other part was exclusive to Lottie’s Atik. Irregular Choice had five exlusive face masks whilst UK independent stockists had four exclusive masks. The Doctor Dino bag, tights and scarf were brought back from previous releases.

I do not own the images below.

Exclusive to Irregular Choice:
Nick Of Time
Nick Of Time
Gingham Surprise
Gingham Surprise
Doctor Dino Bag
Totally Triceratops Bag
Dino Scarf
Dino Tights
Dinosaur Face Mask
Dinosaur Face Mask
Pegasus Face Mask
Blossom Bunny Face Mask
Under The Sea Fase Mask
Exclusive to Lottie’s Atik:
Fancy This
Rocko Roller Dino Bag
Dino Dancer Purse

Exclusive to Independent Stockists:
Ducks Face Mask
Unicorn Face Mask Clouds
Unicorn Fask Mask Stripes
Celebration Face Mask