Sometimes i just trow things together and it kinda works. Most of the time it looks like a complete mess but once in a while I’m actually quite happy with it. Today was one of those outfits.

The shoes are so totally amazing that i didn’t think i had clothes to do the justice until i remember a Day of the Dead dress I got in a facebook live auction recently. I added a petticoat to give it a bit more length and added some Star Wars accessories and my new Death Star pin bag (i love it so much because you can completely Disney and Clueless a Star Wars bag with pins, I’m all about the contrast). Tights i bough for my Dress Shop Villians dress also ended up being a perfect match i think.

Shoes: Day of the Trooper, Irregular Choice – Bought from Original Toronto

Dress: Graciela, Hell Bunny – Bought from Angela Bare Vintage

Bag: Death Star Pin Collector, Loungefly – Bought from Geek Core

Headscarf & Brooch: Saturn, Erstwilder – Bought from Rockamilly

Bangles: Star Wars – Bought from EMP

Tights – Octopus Tights, Snag Tights – Bought from Snag Tights