Today’s outfit was a quickie, thrown together to quickly go eat and then go and get the dog from the animal hospital (he accidently ate some raisins and so had to go on a drip for a few days but he’s completely fine, all back to his adorable annoying self). Whilst we were in town a couldn’t resist a few photos with the ‘walls’.

  • Shoes – That’s It, Irregular Choice. Past Season. (This is the anem given on the order and the box but as it’s also the name for a completely different pair I’m not convinced it is right).
  • Bag – Minni Mouse Dots handbag, Loungefly. Available from Funko Europe.
  • Jeans – High Waited Mam Jeans, George At Asda (In Store)
  • Sweater Dress – Embosed Mickey Mouse, George At Asda. Past Season