It’s that time of the month again. There’s some amazing pieces in this month’s pre-order collection that will be coming to us in June.

Thank you to Get Ready Comics for letting me use their photos.

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Jurassic Park

I seriously seriously love Jurassic Park.  Like a lot! I still get tingles whenever I hear the “Welcome to Jurassic Park” line.  There’s nothing about the original film that I don’t love (but I do pretend that most recent sequels don’t exist).  Random fact, Dr Malcom dies in the first book but not in the first film and then he was bought back to live when Michel Crichton wrote the second book which is so great as other wise we would have Jeff Goldblum shouting my name in the woods in meme world forever.  

I was quite nervous when I heard that there was going to be another Jurassic Park backpack (I’m really not a fan of the Bio World one sorry) but I love this bag so much that I don’t even mind that it’s Funko Pop. It has gates that actually open (I know!) to reveal one of the park jeeps about to be attacked by errr… is that Indominus Rex or is it meant to be a T-Rex? Indominus wasn’t in the first film so I’m guessing one of the latter.  Maybe it will become clearer once we have real life photos.  I love the Pterodactyls flying over the top (their scene was cut from the first film but they are a big part of the book) and how cute is little John Hammond.  There’s a hidden Dr Malcom on the back too and the striped strap detail and logo zip pull are just perfect.   This bag is a must for me.

The matching wallet has Dr Grant joining the other two characters with the jeep and gates in the background whilst the reverse has three dinosaurs.  I’m still not sure if the two that are not the Dilophosarurus are both Raptors or a T-Rex and a Raptor.  Hopefully time will tell.  Both the bag and the wallet feature a red lining with both the Jurassic Park and Funko Pop logos.

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Awww he so fluffly.  I mean I know he’s evil and all that and he does look a little sinister but don’t you just want to hug him to death? He’s so pink and soft and perfect.  I have a similar fluffy Lotso tote type bag from Disney Shanghai that smells like strawberries.  It’s pretty unlikely that this one is going to smell the same but some very clever people I know have already decided they’re going to put strawberry scented pouch thingies inside of him.  He says “You’ve got a playdate with destiny!” inside a little heart on his bottom and his front pocket zipper pull is a strawberry.

The matching wallet looks just as fluffy and huggable.   I don’t often buy Loungefly wallets but I think this one might make it on my need list.  It has the same strawberry heart lining that is just perfect (dress, this fabric, please pretty please Loungefly).

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Mickey Balloons

I’m not exactly sure why but I’m obsessed with this backpack.  Maybe because if I have it I never have to try and convince the husband to buy me a Disney balloon ever again.  I’m thinking it might be similar to the Stitch Shoppe Minnie Mouse balloon ears (that I’ve wanted for a long time) where the fabric and edging really does make it look and feel like a balloon.  The lining too with the Mickey and Minnie balloons.  I love it so much.

The pattern of the lining actually forms the all over print of the crossbody.  It’s bore of a bucket style back with a fabric inside that ties shut.  It reminds me a little of the O Bag type of design and I am going to need it.

The wallet is Mickey on one side and Minnie on the other! Both as balloons! Did anyone else scream when they saw it? Just me, ok.  It has the same Mickey heads and polka dot lining as the crossbody bag.

We have more Loungefly ears this month too to match the balloon design but with Minnie instead of Mickey so will be interesting to see these next to the backpack.

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Mary Poppins

Hands up, who is in need of a jolly holiday.  I’d even take an unjolly one right now.  I’m not entirely sure that I’d take the new Mary Poppins bag with me though.  I absolutely love the design, it has a classic feel that’s very reminiscent of the tightrope walker from Haunted Mansion, and if the bag is true to this then I’m on board.  I feel like it might be different in real life though, so I need to see the actual photos I think.  It’s such a beautiful scene to pick, with Mary Poppins (calling her just Mary feels very wrong) and Bert crossing the water with the turtle crossing stones.  The flowers and butterflies are so pretty.  There might be a bit of disappointment that there’s no penguins but they do make an appearance on the pretty pink lining.  What do we think the back of the bag says? ‘Jolly Holiday’ I’m guessing.

The penguins do appear out front on the matching wallet but the other side is my favourite.  Bert and Mary P riding carousel horses.   It’s just sublime and so practically perfect.  I can’t wait to see the real-life colours. There is still a tightrope walker vibe though.

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A few months back we had the front pocket as a Niffler’s purse, this time it’s Remy’s cheese.  How cute is this bag?  Have you seen the tail? And the ears? Then there’s the little chef hat. I’m not even that much of a fan of the film but this bag! I think I might need to watch it again and learn to love it.  The bright all over print of the lining is really pretty too with Emile joining Remy.  The back of the bag says ‘If you are what you eat, then I only want to eat the good stuff’.

The matching wallet has a tail too and the same all over print lining.

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Honestly?  I have no idea who she is but I know a lot of people were excited when they heard she might be coming to the Loungefly family.  From what I’ve read on Google she sounds pretty cool, an alterative universe to Spider-Man where Gwen Stacey gets bitten by the spider instead of Peter Parker.  Does she still go on and on about a dead uncle? I like the colours of the bag with the dark red next to the minty turquoise.  Gwen looks pretty cool in her hood on the lining too but there’s just a little too many spiders for me (stops typing to do a spider check).

The matching wallet is very similar to the bag with the same lining.

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A Goofy Movie

Remember when we found out that Goofy had a teenage son?  I love it when something a bit more obscure is returned as a bag.  I wonder how many people will be searching for the movie on Disney Plus. The backpack to celebrate the adventures of Goofy and Max features a Powerline costume cosplay in bright yellow.  Both characters seem to appear on the back of the bag in a scene from the film. Random fact, Goofy is actually a nickname from his surname Goof.  His son is Max Goof.  That’s the only thing I learnt and retained from the film.  I think his first name might be George.

The matching wallet is actually a Powerline All Access Pass for their ’95 tour.

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Beaty And The Beast

It seems we’ve had a few BATB bags recently, but this is the first for a while to actually feature the Beast too.  I’m personally not a fan of the bag style, it’s a little too cartoony for me if that makes sense, but it I do like this more than previous ballroom bags.  I love the addition of the characters at the top and the way that the rose is featured as both the zipper pull and on the back.  I’m sure the colours will be stunning too but I’m actually a bigger fan of the lining which has a 30th anniversary print.

The rose crossbody is so pretty.  It looks like the rose forms a fastener over the top of the bag with a green thorny strap and the losoe rose petals are possibly 3d as they look sewn.  I’m guessing the rose is 3D too.  If I’m right then the bag with have quite a profile.  The long strap is removeable too so that you can use it as a top handle as well as crossbody.  It says “By the time the last petal fell” on the front and “Then the spell would be broken” on the back in gold writing that matches the stars on the front.  The lining is the same as the backpack.

The wallet matches the ballroom scene backpack with Belle and the Beast taking centre stage whilst the other four characters are on the back. There’s a hidden rose jar inside too.

The second backpack in this collection is Belle’s ballgown.  It looks like it might be the slightly larger style with the top flap and is so pretty.  Did you spot the hidden Cogswoth, Chip, Mrs Potts and the rose on the back?  There’s almost but not quite a hidden Mickey too.  The shade of this bag is going to be everything as previously the yellow has been a little too pale for my liking.  If it’s the right shade then there’s an EMP dress that this would look amazing with it.

The matching wallet has a more pronounced hidden Mickey and a single beautiful rose.

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Disney Villains

The all overprint bag is actually pretty cool.  The colours are almost an evil pastel rainbow of flames.  I’m glad they they’ve extended out to include bad guys we don’t always see with the female villains including Hook, Jafar and Hades but the large number of characters does make it a bit more tricky if you’re after a specific placement.   The lining looks to be the same print on a different colour background.

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Cruella de Vil

Cruella has her own backback again too and I have to say, she’s looking a little crazy.  I can almost hear her scream from the end of the film.  She has those madness eyes from the driving scene and is she looking a little pig like?  Maybe less so when you open the front pocket as her face continues inside behind all the black and white dalmatian spots.  Her hair is sewn on and is a sticky out so it’s one of those ones that will get bent if not careful.  Her car actually features on the lining too.

The matching wallet uses the same design and lining.

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Harry Potter

The boy wizard and friends are bag, this time in the form of magical elements.  We have an all over print of ghost like cartoons of Harry, Hermione, Hedwig and Ron surrounded by a lot of gold.  Time Turners, sorting hats, potions, wands, scarves, you name it it’s there.  It’s quite a busy bag so I think limiting the colour palette to black, white and gold is a pretty clever idea that gives it a magical feel and maybe a little bit gothic especially with the black and gold Hogwarts envelope front pocket.  I do like the Hogwarts logo in gold as the lining too.  It’s quite a varied print so I don’t think there will be pad placements per say but you won’t get everything if you’re after specific accessories or animals.

The crossbody matches the backpack with the all over print and has a top buckle with a the gold Hogwarts emblem.  You can get a better idea of the print here as it’s more of an uninterrupted canvas.  It will be interesting to see sizing of this one as it could potentially be used as a clutch when you remove the shoulder strap.

The wallet is the same print and I can see this being more of a placement issue than the bag.  We have a headless Ron situation already.  I think the gold against the black is going to look stunning though and that should hopefully make up for placement.

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Well.  Em. Ok.  I’m not quite sure what’s going on with this bag.  I mean, I know it’s the Mandalorian and Grogu riding a Bantha but I don’t think the 2Dness of the design is doing it and favours.  In real life I’m sure there’s the appearance of different dimensions but at the moment it’s all a bit flat. Grogu looks cute and I love the orange sunset background and frog zipper. 

The wallet is a little bit meh to me if I’m honest.  I’m sure lots of people with disagree.  I do like the colours but it’s just a little bit too repetitive for me and too many headless possibilities.

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No backpack this time for Loki.  He has had a few previously but this time it’s a crossbody and a wallet.  The crossbody features Loki colours of green and black with his gold emblem in the centre.  It’s sleek and simple but also a little sinister. 

The wallet is the same colours.

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DC Justice League

AKA those superhero guys that are not the Avengers.  I was forced to watch the four hour film the other day and there wasn’t even any Lego.  Actually it wasn’t that bad but I do prefer their cartoon versions here rather than their real life counterparts.  The all over print is actually the characters in chibi form lined up.  The lines are repeated and offset so I think it’s more likely than not that you might get every character.  Let’s see if I can name them all.  Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern and Green Goblin?

The wallet has the same print and it looks like you’re going to get most of the characters.

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Tuxedo Sam

Tuxedo Sam is one of the few Hello Kitty Characters that I know (there’s like a billion different characters).  He’s so different to Badtz Maru, the pervious Penguin themed Sanrio Loungefly, a lot more cute I think and nautical with a lot less attitude.  San is actually British and is older than me, created in 1979.  The bag looks just as cute as the character and the interchangeable bows on both the bag and purse is a such a great idea.   I’ve had this on shoes before but never a bag so I’m hopefully of other versatile offerings in future.  It looks like the spare bow on each bag and the wallet is a different colour so if they’re the same size and you’ve bought the set that could be four different colour options. The lining is little tiny Tuxedo Sam characters with lots of different colour bows which I think would be amazing as a bag itself.

The crossbody has a striped print design and a rope handle which really carries on the nautical theme.   It has a vintage vanity feel in terns of shape and I think it would look really cute without the strap as a top handle bag.

 The wallet is the same blue stripes as the crossbody.  There’s a little picture of Chip (the seal) too.  I think Chip might be the zipper pull on the bag whilst Tuxedo Sam is the pull on the wallet.

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Ever been discriminated against because you’re a rabbit? Judy Hopps has.  Spoiler alert though, there’s a happy ending and now she features on her very own Loungefly bag along with the rest of her police officer buddies.  The bag is so colourful and bright with all the chibi characters.

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