How quickly the year is flying. We’re already up to August pre-orders and although it’s a little less exciting than last month there is some great pieces in the collection. There seems to be a lot of clouds this month which can never be a bad thing and a confirmed start of a princess castle collection which is very exciting. Without further ado, let’s get on with taking a look.

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Castle Series

Last month we got the Cinderells castle bag. Have you seen the real life photos, it’s stunning. Turns out that it was just the first in a Princess Castle series and up next is Aladdin. I’m like 1000% certain that I’m going to need them all. I don’t even need the description. Ok, I’ll give you it anyways.

So, this time the magic lamp takes centre stage where the pumpkin carriage was last time with a little Abu watching over it. Above the front pocket we have the palace looking beautiful and gold whilst a genie whisps past and a magic carpet flies over. The use of the clouds and the colour combinations I think is going to be stunning. We have Jasmine too of course, on the back again just like Cinderella, this time joined by Rajah with a pretty fountain behind them.

The crossbody is also very pretty with the same scenes as the backpack minus the lamp placed on either side and what looks like Jasmine’s necklace as the top handle. It is a very different shape to the crossbody from the Cinderella collection which makes it a little less appealing as far as collections go (just because they won’t look quite as good next to each other) but it is still a stunning bag especially with those clouds again. It’s great that the shoulder strap is removeable to give more options.

The wallet has a gold clasp to match the gold handle of the crossbody and features the same designs. I love the lining of all three with shadows of the characters against a cloud background.

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Disney Constellations

So, there were a few pre-order clues that I really didn’t get until I saw this bag. It takes a moment to really understand what is going on here as it’s character combinations that we don’t generally see together but once you take it all in it’s a very pretty bag. Each character is given a different constellation to represent them in the stars. Well, most of them anyway. It might just be the placement in the image but Tod and Cooper don’t seem to have a constellation unless they’re sharing the bone or feather:

Bambie & Thumper – Butterfly

Landy & Tramp – Bone

Dumbo – Feather

Winnie The Pooh & Piglet – Honey pot

Aristocats – Paw print

Fox & Hound – ?

The background of stars and clouds looks stunning. This would be a great one to have glow in the dark. The wallet has the same all over print and both have a lining of the nights sky.

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Just when you think we’ve had enough Up bags you realise that they’ll never ever ever be enough (unlike Stitch, some might say too many Stich, way way too many). We’ve never had Up at the zoo and I didn’t realised how very much we’ve needed it until now. The bag shows a scene from the growing up montage (the best movie montage ever) where Carl almost loses his balloon cart to greet Ellie. It’s re-created so well in bag form but then you turn the bag around and on the bag is the much older Ellie and Carl at the same spot in the zoo. It’s so whimsical and yet charming at the same time and almost a little heart-breaking just like the montage.

I think the design works even better on the wallet. That’s not something I say very often but I love having the ageing scenes clean without the interruptions of backpack straps and the placement of the Loungefly badge is genius. If this was a crossbody there’s no way I could say no to it. The lining is exquisite too with the repeat print of the house flying away.

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“It’s not much of a tail, but I’m sort of attached to it”. Only right then that Loungefly would take a bit of a different view when it comes to an Eeyore cosplay. Rather than a face bag we have a… well… ok it’s a butt bag but it’s one of the cutest bottoms I’ve seen by far. Eeyore’s little tail (that’s not a youthanism) err hangs front and centre in a 3D effect along with his ear which hangs over the front of the bag as his face peeks round behind him. Now that I’ve seen it I can’t imagine an Eeyore bag in any other way.

The back has the “Thanks for noticin’ me” phase along with an little Eeyore image and clouds. I love that we’re getting more and more designs on the back of the bags, it fills an empty canvas. The lining of the bag with lots of Eeyores is both the inside and outside of the wallet along with pretty clouds.

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Minnie Mouse

Minnie has gone floral and has a face. We have had many Minnie bags but she doesn’t get an actual printed face very often The only other one I can think of is the Parks Safari. This version is a bit more impressionist in purple form. The pretty flowers that she is holding and that cover her ears feel a bit more spring than summer but she is so pretty. She’d make a very good bridesmaid bag I think for anyone have a purple themed wedding.

There are matching ears too with the same flowers and bow.

Plus there’s a matching wallet too of course. The front with Minnie and the floral ears is pretty but the reverse showing Minnie’s arms just doesn’t seem right to me. I’m not really sure why (maybe because if her hands are behind her head then they’re backwards?!?!) and it might be better on the real life version. The lining though looks lovely with all the flowers and Minnie heads. I would love this as a dress.

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Wow, talk about nostalgia. There’s so so so many Nickelodeon characters on this bag from the 90’s. We have Hey Arnold!, Ren and Stimpy, CatDog (I forgot all about CatDog!!), Rocko’s Modern Life, Aaahh!! Real Monsters, The Angry Beavers, The Wild Thornberrys and Rugrats of course. I’ve basically just spent the last 30 minutes watching cartoons on YouTube and got so distracted that I’m sure there’s ones that I’ve missed.

The print is huge to fit all the characters so we may have a major placement situation unless Loungefly are giving us another release where everyone gets the same exact print. Either way, this bag is a serious must for a 90’s kid (or those of us a tiny bit older who had a 90s kid brother and was ‘forced’ to watch them all). The square style wallet has the same print and both have a pencil outline version as the lining.

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Iron Man

So I was a little confused with all the Iron Man clues given that we’ve just had a cosplay exclusive at Geek Core but this is very different. The front plate actually lifts up to reveal Tony Stark’s face underneath. I was thinking the bag look a little Funko Pop-ish and that’s because it is. As confirmed by the logo on the matching wallet.

This moves it to a much more cartoon based design but does make it very different to the Iron Man bags that have been before. The face plate slides up which is an interesting new concept. I wonder if we’ll see similar with any future designs.

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Disney Princess Sidekicks

We have another sidekicks mini backpack bag but this time the all over print has some of our much loved little (and not so little) critters interacting with crystals of various colours and sizes that I think are meant to correspond to the relevant princess. Unlike previous bags, we’re not limited to one character per film. Both Rajah and Abu feature for example, with a Jasmine inspired crystal.

We also have Gus, Sebastian, Flounder, Pascal, Chip, Mrs Potts, Lumiere, Cogsworth, Meeko, Diablo as well as Mushu, Cri-Kee and Little Brother. Prince Naveen as the frog? The deer, rabbit and chipmunk I think are meant to represent Snow White, the only princess who doesn’t seem to fit with the ombre rainbow colour scheme so her shades have been made a bit more pastel. It’s such a busy design (I think in a good way but it depends on the real life version) that each time you look you find something new. I just spotted the different birds from various films, which I missed the first few times I looked.

The wallet has the same all over print and both have a purple lining with diamond shapes and princess icons such as the frying pan and sea shell.

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Life in plastic, it’s fantastic. As is the new Barbie mini backpack. We have both Barbie and Ken in lots of different variations, in keeping with Mattel’s efforts to make the dolls more inclusive.

The bag has some serious summer vibes with Palm trees, watermelon slices and beach balls set against sunshine and rainbows. This is one where I can’t wait to see what the bag looks like in real life. I love the Barbie Stitch Shoppe range so I’m really hoping that this compliments it well. The matching wallet looks stunning with the bright yellow and similar beach scene. It’s certainly going to need a costal photoshoot from someone.

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Star Wars

So, I’ve grouped these two bags together basically because I’d never heard of either place really. I’ve seen the films but I’m mostly a ‘like cute animals, robots, Vader and women kicking ass’ kinda fan so I had to go and ask the husband (always good to make them feel useful). The green Kashyyyk bag is the home planet of Chewie whilst the red and black themed Mustafar is where some fight took place with Anakin in one of those three films that we never re-watch so I don’t really remember. I do like the colours of both though and the lining is pretty cool. They both look like the canvas backpack designs.

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